First Spin: The Roots’ ’75 Bars’


Not to be outdone by Nas' promise, nay, threat, to release his forthcoming album Nigger in the very month of Black History's Celebration, comes a track from The Roots from their forthcoming album Rising Down. "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)" boasts more "nigguz" in the first verse than a Boondocks episode, and more than what you might find falling from the lips of those in attendance at The Source Awards. Hmmm...The Roots. Now that's something I haven't heard for awhile. But never fear. This track is hitting and features Black Thought spitting steadily over a rough beat punctuated by Questlove's tight, syncopated drumming. If you've been feening for a return to The Roots of yore, i.e. Do You Want More? or Things Fall Apart, then this track is for you. And when Tariq channels the old school by ending his 75th bar with "I'm a rebel/Renegade/Must stay paid" you're not mad that he straight bit from KRS-ONE's "I'm Still Number One." Rising Down is slated for an April release, so this banger will just have to do until then.

The Roots: "75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)"

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3 Responses

  1. Black Thought is a monster. I can't wait until The Roots tour again.

  2. Call it Tariq's Law: if you rock it like that you can say whatever you want.

  3. Weird (but true) story. When I was in the Navy and stationed in Spain back in '98, I met and fell HARD in love with a GORGEOUS Swedish lass named Anna.
    Our very first conversation was about hip-hop and she asked me what my favorite act was at the time and I said The Roots. She said she loved The Roots and her favorite song by them was "Silent Treatment" of the Do You Want More album and mine was "No Alibi" of of Illadelph: Halflife.
    She then hit me with this story (and she was the type that didn't tell stories or lies) about when the Roots were touring Europe the year before and she went to an after-party of theirs. Apparently Black Thought was really diggin' on her and invited her back to his room. She said she would've gone with him (remember, she was a big fan and Scandanavians aren't shy about getting "friendly" with guys they like in general) if he would've attempted just the slightest bit of sweet talk. Apparently he was just like "whassup? Lets go back to my room". And she was like "that's it? THAT'S how you're gonna ask me?
    I can't listen to a Roots song without thinking of how that girl dissed Black Thought! But don't worry, BT..I took over like a champ.


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