Erykah Badu’s ‘Honey’ Video: The Original Album Covers

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  1. My favorites are the Rolling stone cover, Honey and Grace....
    Badu is the best...I still chuckle to myself when I think of her dancing on the Paid in Full album cover LOL

  2. this woman is so amazing. they are all great. my fave is the diana ross one.

  3. I just saw the "Honey" video online yesterday and it is hot. I loved the tribute to the Ohio Players and Chaka Khan. I was even looking for the designer of her website with the video. I thought of a funky idea for my own website. We're ready for Erykah!!!!

  4. I like the 'Perfect Angel' cover ... but then again, I'll always stan for Minnie so I guess that's a given!!!! Cute concept. Not hot on the song but I do like the vid.

  5. love the concept, so dope...thanks for the album covers:)

  6. This really is the dopest idea, I've seen in a long time...she's got them all perfect.

  7. The Diana Ross one is my absolute favorite. Erykah is stunningly beautiful.

  8. I'm a little perplexed by the Nas cover. Who's the "liah?" Her? Nas?

  9. awesome!!! thanks for putting this up!

  10. You rock for this. HNIC is proud to tears.

  11. Ill Mami: she said on that instead of "liah" it says "kah

  12. Yea I saw this dude do this on another blog and meant to mention that it should be done here. Should have know ya'll were on it!
    I heart EBadu. I can't decide which one I like best! She's rocking the Strange' cover though!

  13. i love erykah badu

  14. Butta, I knew this was a Chaka Khan album cover... I spent two days trying to find it on the web how did you find it.

  15. I'm loving all the feedback about this!!
    Lisa, that Chaka Khan cover is actually the back cover to that album, so that's probably why you had trouble trying to locate it. In the video when Erykah puts that album down she flips it over and you can briefly see the front cover with the big red lips on it, so that's how I knew what album it was. And Amazon had the front and back cover art, so I was good to go.

  16. Thank you for replying Butta...Erica really out did herself with this video...I have a few she should have added. Donna Summer on the radio album, Rick James street songs album and Prince purple rain album these are classic album covers as well.

  17. Thanks for doing this! We were just trying to figure these out the other day...GREAT Post!!!

  18. This video concept is very cool. It was fun watching and trying to guess the old school albums.

  19. This video tops any of the videos that were released last year and/or this year, and it's just February! If the video is any indication of how the entire album will be, then we are in for a treat.

  20. This is a great post! You forgot the Outkast video "Hey Ya!" though.

  21. Actually, Nikki 2, I didn't forget. The "Hey Ya" portion of the video wasn't a take on an album cover and it was pretty obvious. Some of these covers, not so much. Thanks for the feedback, though!!

  22. WOW thanks!!! I waqs trying to figure out thw original album covers but all I could make out was the NAS Illmatic cover (probably because I'm just 18 lol) but anyways, great post!

  23. So glad you found the album covers Soulbounce. I knew some of them cause of my Dad's album collection. Erykah did a fantastic job with the covers!! Keep doing what you do sista I love ya!!!

  24. this is really cool. i was trying to figure out the funkadelic one for the longest.

  25. Her Beatles cover is hilarious.

  26. I'm picking up the album when it comes out. The video is tremendously grand. Love it from the beginning to the end, plus Badu has been going strong on and off the consumers scene for years now. Readers reminder her debut album sold over 5x platinum. I have another sale from me Erykah cant wait to watch you in concert. Goodbye readers.

  27. Thanks so much for doing this write-up.

  28. to jennifer, her illmatic cover says "kah" as in erykah


  30. I recognized all of the album covers, but the one for Rufus & Chaka Khan.
    It was a great video. Can't wait to get the cd!
    Go on Badu!

  31. This video idea is so bananas! It's absolutely genius ... Erykah did a great job recreating these cover ... Love It!!!

  32. You're wonderful! Was just going to do the tracking down after watching the video last night and you've done the hard yards. Brilliant stuff.

  33. I would like to apologize that this post only got 6 diggs, it deserves so much more.

  34. Ill Mami: it's not Liah, it's Kah (short for Erykah).

  35. thank you so much for doing this--i was trying to figure them all out. what an amazing video this is....mariah should take some lessons, lol

  36. thanks for posting this Butta. This clip is so cool..

  37. Following all the others...thanks for putting this post up. The purpose of me sitting at the computer now is to start the tracking!! BUT you have already done so. Tooo funny!

  38. What an amazing vid - I am interested in the song that e. sings when we are interrupted by the TV ...she is FABULOUS as all of the different band this song real? I want it - what a funky chill beat - she is beautiful

  39. Wow, it got interesting when she did the Grace Jones "Nightclubbing." That was a great album from that era. She did excellent in that video, kudos to Badu.
    Then there's a part either it was a tribute or a parody of her singing with the set up of Andre 3000's Hey Ya'll with a coffin in the back.

  40. is that daedalus on what it do

  41. This video made me laugh. I am so glad that artists like Erykah Badu(almost mispelt her name) are out there. She is funny, original, and her sound is amazing!
    I like all the albums.
    I would say that i prefer erykah badu over beyonce. beyonce tries to hard and its almost if she is a manufactured singer than a real singer.

  42. I love Erykah Badu work