I Was There: Brand New Heavies, Eric Roberson, Vikter Duplaix & Caron Wheeler


Just as Mardi Gras is eagerly anticipated by natives and foreigners alike in New Orleans every year, so is the weekend of the Grammys in Los Angeles. This was actually my first time celebrating during this star-studded weekend (ooh...was that Ray J?), and I was determined to not have anything to do with anything "too Hollywood," i.e. too laden with celebrities that I care nothing about, which would only mean that I would crack vicious jokes all evening to anyone who accompanied me to the event about how ridiculous they looked. Case in point: Mariah Carey observed at The Polo Lounge last Thursday pulling her hair to one side and actually stroking it like it was a pet resting on her shoulder. *shudder*

So screw all that celebrity foolishness because what I was waiting for was going to be better than any of those celebrity parties! So I set off this past Friday night to see the Brand New Heavies, Eric Roberson, and Caron Wheeler who had all descended upon LA to perform at a Kiss N Grind live event celebrating Vikter Duplaix's Grammy nom

One caveat to anyone who is prepared with camera in hand to record a concert: make sure you have enough memory. I only say this because at the end of the night, after recording Brand New Heavies' set and N'Dea Davenport still shaking it like it was 1990, Eric Roberson, and Vikter Duplaix, who of course performed his Grammy-nominated song "Make A Baby," all that was left in my camera's memory was the video below. 

Before watching this video, let me just add a caveat: I was excited. I mean, really, really, really excited to see Caron Wheeler perform "Back To Life," the song that launched Soul II Soul's success almost 20 years ago. So please don't trip if you get a bit nauseous while watching the clip below. If you fast-forward to 0:35, you'll see Caron hitting the high note the song's famous for. Peep N'Dea Davenport singing backup to the right of Caron, all while the Heavies are serving as the house band.


I have to say that this was one of my best concert experiences ever, even if Caron didn't perform anything from either of her two solo albums. ("Living In The Life," anyone?) Brand New Heavies killed it, and sang all their hits, including "Stay This Way," Never Stop," and "Brother Sister." It was definitely good times.

Tune in later this week for better video of Jill Scott and/or J*Davey (depending on how little sleep I feel like getting) who will both be performing in LA this coming Thursday.  

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2 Responses

  1. I was there too, and the show was amazingly fantastic! The crowd was hype like this was 1990. I was however sad that Erro only performed two songs-his energy was amazing as usual but I was sad to see him go.
    And talk about celebrity heavy...Anthony Hamilton was there, Big Boi was there, Idris Alba touched me...No word yet on when he is going to propose to me but we are definitely in love. Some smart celebs knew where the hot show was going to be.

  2. @ Jennnwill:
    OMG! Where was I when all these celebs were mingling in the crowd? Arrrgh! I can't believe I missed out on introducing myself to Idris Elba, since according to my 5 year plan ends with us eloping in Fiji. LOL


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