Idle Warship Lets You Read Their ‘Industry Diary’


Idle Warship, the aforementioned collaboration between your-favorite-rapper's favorite rapper Talib Kweli and punk-soul grrrl Res, have decided to redo Alicia Keys' slow jam "Diary." "Industry Diary," which features both Talib and Res rhyming, details the trials and tribulations of struggling to be an artist all while being surrounded by those whose talent may not be so deserving of the accolades heaped upon them. Will this track change your life? No, but it is a good teaser while these two well-known yet underappreciated artistes complete any other tracks that may make it onto a complete album. 

Idle Warship: "Industry Diary"

[H/T: 2DB]

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6 Responses

  1. This I may have to check out. She looks like a 70s-era Pointer Sister in this pic ... get it!

  2. I am really feeling these two as a duo.

  3. Res should prob stick to singing but damn if Kweli didnt just completely annihilate that verse. Cant wait for the album!

  4. I guess I'll be "that person".
    Didn't like it. I'm shocked to be saying this.. but I would have rather heard Alicia.
    Res should sing. Seriously.

  5. this track reminds me why i fell in love with kweli a while back. he kinda lost me for a minute, but i think him teaming up with res is perfect. this song is really cool and personal. loved it!

  6. What a combo! Love the both of them and I also love the original version of "Diary.