It’s Official: Beyoncé To Play Etta James In New Movie


A few weeks ago a nasty rumor was floating around that Beyoncé had snagged the role of Etta James in an upcoming feature film about Chess Records. We laughed it off as a simple attempt to garner some buzz for the flick starring Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright and Cedric the Entertainer. Well, lo and behold that rumor is now fact and not only will Miss Knowles be starring in Cadillac Records, she will also co-executive produce the movie and sing four songs for the soundtrack. All I know is that she better put a hurtin' on James' classic "At Last" or heads will roll.

But here are some reasons why this might actually work:

  • Beyoncé actually was good in Dreamgirls.
  • She is no stranger to wearing blonde hair.

OK, that's all I got, folks. I'm gonna put this one in the "wait and see" category. Beyoncé may actually dig deep inside and pull this one off. At least now she will get to embrace her inner big girl and fatten up for the role of the plus-sized singer. Popeye's here she comes!

Beyoncé Starring In Chess Records Film [BB]

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13 Responses

  1. I want to know why she can't play a role that does not involve singing. If she would branch out and stray from that, people would take her more seriously as an actress. Sometimes I feel like we are being force fed Beyonce though ... good lord.

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  3. Read the news this morning and "all I could do was cry (cry, cry,cry)." Beyonce better do right by my Etta.

  4. no, No and NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sure she can dig deep. I doubt she'll pull out anything of substance.

  6. Dream Girls Pt. 2.

  7. (looks back to the previous post on Soulbounce). Gee... I wonder were they could have found a voluptious and/or plus sized woman who could actually pull off the jazzy styling of a song like "At Last" and has also proven that she can act (and not just in singing roles.) I wonder...

  8. oh dear. beyonce-bot was NOT good in dreamgirls, she was just, just....there. jennifer hudson OWNED that movie from beginning to end.
    i'd rather see queen latifah as etta james or jennifer hudson actual actress, dear lord.
    but it can't be stopped; daddy knowles is determined to make beyonce-bot into a "real actress" and get her the oscar she "deserves". i, for one, won't be fooled.

  9. Yeah...that big girl is really deep within.

  10. First - Damn, damn, damn JAMES...that is what I felt when I heard this, lol
    Second - I'm going to have to disagree w/ Butta and agree w/ poster Camille - Beyone was not GOOD in Dreamgirls...she just wasn't BAD - sorry there's a difference.

  11. I have to agree, Beyonce was not bad in dreamgirls but she want that great either. I agree she should do a drama or better yet a romantic comedy that doesn't involve singing. I also agree that Queen Latifah would have been a fabulous Etta, she already has depth and soul and jazz. Beyonce is going to have to go through some serious training and completley remove the pop star from herself.

  12. I missed this post originally...or maybe on purpose.
    Eh, B was okay in Dreamgirls. I didn't cringe when she was on the screen. She wasn't anything special like JHud or even Anika. I don't know that she can pull off a starring role. I don't think I can take her speaking voice for two hours straight.

  13. Did you catch what Etta James had to say?
    The best quote:
    "I wasn't as bourgie as she is, she's bourgeois. She knows how to be a lady, she's like a model. I wasn't like that... I smoked in the bathroom in school, I was kinda arrogant, so those are some of the things I would want to tell her.


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