Diddy Presents Janelle Monae to World; World Dies Inside

We hoped, prayed and believed that Janelle Monae signing with Diddy's Bad Boy Records was a rumor. A hoax. A gotcha-gotcha. But no such luck. In the following video Diddy says "She's what the game needs, she's different for Bad Boy, and it's time for us to evolve too." Right. Now it's time. Further insights: In her interview with Gakcity, Janelle mentions "freedom", "imagination" and "art", things that seem awfully counterintuitive to the Bad Boy of recent years. So it is with a heavy heart that we accept this as a reality, go back to running our business and simultaneously pray that Janelle's freedom, imagination and art are not compromised with cameos by Yung Joc and Danity Kane.

Go grab her independent releases before Diddy snatches them off the shelves they become collector's items. Take me higher Lord!

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8 Responses

  1. Damn! So it is true. As far as something inexplicable, this is right up there with who built the Sphinx. Just can't figure it out.

  2. I just want to start out by saying that a part of me died inside when I heard the news regarding Janelle's signing to Bad Boy. However, as grim as I know the outcome will be, can you really knock her though? It is haaaaaard for talented artists to get any type of a break , especially these days, and perhaps Janelle just said "f*ck it, why not?" Talent will always prevail over gluttonous materialsm, but at the end of the day, people gotta eat and have bills to pay. So sad, but true.
    I hope Janelle becomes more of a female Andre 3000 over at Bad Boy, since I am doubting that she'll totally be allowed to be her own intergalactic, fly self. I only make comparison between her and Dre because these days, you have to be like someone else in order to get your own piece of the pie. I now can say that I really respect Dre for doing it his way and not listening to other people when they dissed him for changing up his style post-Badu.

  3. I just hope that shorty has a great lawyer, and maybe it might be more like a distribution deal rather than a full-on Bad Boy assimilation.
    From this vid, it looks like Big Boi is still in the mix. Since he has experience with making popular black music that pushes the creative envelope and still sells units, maybe he'll be able to shield her from pressure to dumb it down.
    Yeah, maybe.

  4. I dont see this as a bad thing, she could do much worse and not be signed to anybody. If Diddy is impressed by her then his musical taste must not be as bad as people lead on. I would think that he would let her do her thing especially if he already likes it.

  5. i get it that going to bad boy might not be the best for her creatively. BUT i will say that big boi/purple ribbon wasn't doing much at all getting her out there. i just hope that she gets more attention being signed with bad boy and actually gets to put music out (with a bigger industry machine behind her). (though it hasn't worked so well with danity kane, they have a FRACTION of the talent janelle does)

  6. don't like her with diddy but i'm just going to wait this one out and see how it turns out...

  7. for every lox loon and got biggie mary j blige and 112...... puff obviously is cutting edge and doesnt always make the best bizness decisions. like the moves with cassie and cheri dennis. Janelle monae is much different though...i'm not sure if you noticed but her most recent interviews.....that girl is sharp and clear on her motive and her direction. so much so that bad boy is simply partnering with wondaland arts society.....puff is just an investor that believes in her and knows a good thing when he sees it(maybe he's a better 'pimp' than big boi), and yea he'll make his money and dress up like her 50's style to get in on it someow but imagine.....a janelle monae video backed by bad boy money and exposure?????.puff can make her huge...shes a movement if only she can make that splash.

  8. exactly what sun is JUST a distribution deal with atlantic records and bad boy..janelle is still signed to her wondaland arts society imprint..she is not going to be compromised trust me..and big boi is executive producing the album..diddy is just an investor..