Janet Jackson Got Jokes

After dissing Janet Jackson in recent years post-Nipplegate, MTV has turned the corner and welcomed her back in a major way. Not only is her video 'Feedback" in regular rotation, but she is currently the artist of the week and she can be seen on the channel in a series of five commercials that spoof MTV reality shows. My personal faves are her versions of My Super Sweet 16 and Making the Band, but her Real World, A Shot At Love and Rob and Big are worth a look. I swear, Janet hasn't been this funny since Good Times.

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6 Responses

  1. They are really pushing her album...but Erykah got all my money tomorrow!

  2. Funny shit! I didn't know Janet had it in her! hahahahahah

  3. Nice.
    Janet's got a little bass in her speaking voice these days.
    Unsettling as it is, Jermaine seems to be having a grounding affect on her ^_^

  4. I've only seen one but it was pretty funny. Glad to see her back on MTV. Can't wait to get into her album tomorrow.

  5. LOL @ the Sweet 16 clip.

  6. Love it! Specially the Making the Band spoof.


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