Jill Scott Is ‘The Real Thing’ On Tour

It's no secret that Jill Scott's "The Real Thing" Tour is the hottest ticket around these days. It's also no secret that Jill Scott is a beast on stage and her command of an audience is unrivaled by most of her contemporaries. As she said herself while being interviewed before her performance of "The Way" in Dave Chappelle's Block Party, "Have you ever seen me on perform?" and then gave a wry, knowing smile. Jill's confidence matches her prowess when she grabs the mic. For this concert in particular, the Los Angeles audience was in for a particular treat, especially since for Jill, whose talent for expressing the good, bad and ugly sides of love are unparalleled, was in a loving mood. It was after all Valentine's Day. 

Jill was looking much as she appears in this picture. The 'fro was back in full effect, the blue dress she was wearing was hugging her voluptuousness in all the right places, and she was rocking some killer heels that had to have been hurting her feet before the show was over. 

The show was two hours long. Like I said, Jill is a beast. Setlist with commentary below.

  • The show starts off with a bang as Jill performs "The Real Thing"
  • Pure hotness continues with a James Brown breakdown in the middle of "Gimme"
  • Jill slows down the tempo, and crowd sings along to "Cross My Mind"
  • Romance is now fully in the air as Jill sweetly sings "Honey Molasses"
  • Jill takes the freak-nasty road with "Come See Me" and does a Vanity 6-style move on the mic (those in the attendance know what I mean)
  • The freak is fully out on "Crown Royal"
  • Jill attempts to regain composure with "A Long Walk" which is replete with Roy Ayers' classic "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" as the breakdown
  • Romance comes back as Jill brings it back to her latest album with "Only You"
  • Jill laments about her occupied lover on personal fave "Whenever You're Around"
  • Jill shouts out the sistas, mothers, daughters, aunites, and cousins on "How It Make You Feel" with a nice segue into "Do You Remember Me"
  • Jill divulges she was once the "other" woman on "My Love"
  • Jill makes a triumphant segue into "Wanna Be Loved" by explaining that women need to love themselves and stop waiting around for someone else to validate their love.
  • Jill then lets the brothers know that despite what she just said, on the real, they are very needed. She sings "I Need You" with Midnight Star's "Send For Me" as the breakdown.
  • Jill lets her beloved know that his love his like a mental patient's (intense and uncontrollable) on "Not Like Crazy"
  • At this point I will admit that I start to get sleepy because I can't remember the name of the next song (hey, it was dark and way past my bedtime), but I think it was called "Deep." I do remember that it was intermixed with the Jacksons classic "Heartbreak Hotel"
  • Jill takes it back to her live Experience album with Slowly Surely which had a "Stakes Is High" breakdown.
  • Jill wakes up the snoozers (we're going on 1 1/2 hours now) with "Golden" which has the crowd on its feet
  • More crowd sing-a-long with "Hate On Me"
  • Jill brings it back to her first album with the go-go beat on "It's Love" and updates the song with a Soulja Boy  breakdown (yes, that song).
  • Jill slows it down and says peace to the crowd with "Is It The Way"
  • The crowd clamors for an encore, and Jill does crowd-pleaser "He Loves Me"
By the way, let me also say that the rumors are true regarding her dating her drummer. Miss Jill stopped the show, brought out a balloon bouquet that a teenager would love, and kissed her sweetie for a looong time before resuming the show. Dayum...

All in all, the show was great. Because I've seen her live before, there's nothing as better as the first time I saw her live in Philadelphia as she was promoting her first album Who Is Jill Scott? However, this concert was a great one, too, and truly solidified Jill's place (in my mind, at least) as one of the best performers of our time.

Jill Scott "The Real Thing Tour" [Tour Dates] [Tickets]

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14 Responses

  1. Thanks Ill Mami...I wish I coulda been there...

  2. damn for real about drummer boy? dayum.....

  3. Did the drummer come between Jill and Lyzel (not-so-much-in-E-Flat)?

  4. Aww Jilly from Philly. I was sad to miss the show-but as usual there was way too much going on around LA. Did you by any chance make it to the Bilal show on Sat? I had a prior obligation, but am still mentally flogging myself for letting loyalty and commitment to my word make me miss Jill and Bilal all in the same week.
    Darn values and home training always getting in the way of some stuff!

  5. i'll be going to he show next friday! can't wait!!

  6. can't wait to see for myself march 7th. i hope she sings love rain when i see her!

  7. @ Jennwill:
    The Bilal/Sa-Ra show was a mess. Bilal was pretty good, although he got a little diva-ish when I asked to take a picture with him. Sa-Ra basically did a sound check, so, in other words, they sucked. Taz Arnold was not there either. Hmmm...

  8. Re: Bilal/Sa-Ra
    Really-that sucks. I'm not quite convinced of Crash Mansion as a legitimate concert venue just yet. I still see it as a club that has performances-meaning much hype for your fav artist to perform 1-2 songs for a total of 13 mins of stage time. This news does not entirely surprise me...Thanks for the additional recap within a recap-got you working overtime and everything.

  9. @ Jennwill:
    LOL You know I be putting in OT for Soul Bounce!
    With regards to the Bilal/Sa-Ra foolishness, let's just say that the highlight of my evening was going to eat at Koi prior to the show at the Wack Mansion.
    And you're right in your description of Crash Mansion. It is hands-down the grimiest venue in LA.

  10. I saw Jill out here in Oakland and it was THEE best concert ever.
    I especially loved the new song she tried out on us. Had everybody in the theatre singing along with her while the band danced off the stage. I love her!

  11. I shall be seeing her with Raheem at NJPAC..can't wait!

  12. saw the show last night in was so AMAZING....going out to just put it out there....the BEST concert I have ever witnessed. Jill was awesome!

  13. My boyfriend surprised me tickets to the show, and I truely had THE BEST time. When she did the breakdown with "Send For Me"- oh my LAWD- we all lost our minds! She's definitely a force to be reckoned with. Can't wait until she comes back to L.A. (or at least within a 2 hour driving distance LOL)...

  14. *surprised me with
    sorry.. was a little to eager to post! 🙂