Mint Condition & Anthony Hamilton: ‘Baby Boy, Baby Girl’


Mint Condition fans rejoice! On May 6th the fellas are releasing a new album on their CagedBird label entitled E-LIFE. According to Billboard, the new set has Ali Shaheed and Phonte lending a helping hand. Anthony Hamilton appears on the first single "Baby Boy Baby Girl", a sweet track dedicated to the babies. We have to give Mint Condition major props for keeping the band concept alive throughout the group's entire career. We need more bands, ya'll.

BONUS: A remix of Anthony Hamilton's "Do You Feel Me" featuring Ghostface. They both kill it near the end. It's almost violent.

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3 Responses

  1. Now I already loved that Anthony Hamilton track but now? Ghostface is like bacon...he makes everything better LOL Nah...seriously...I love Ghostface (and the puppies is staying yo!)
    That Mint Condition song is very cute. Once Anthony Hamilton comes on inner soul raises her hand in the air. I'm sure my husband will be knocking it with the chil'ren!

  2. Re: bacon makes everything better.

  3. Anthony kill it.... and Stokley voice blended in pretty well.


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