New Videos From Everybody And Their Grandma

No, "Everybody and Their Grandma" isn't the name of the latest hot new group to hit the scene (although that would be a pretty tight name), but if I were to list all the artists who've released new videos lately we'd be here for a minute or fifteen. So here's the roundup of whose videos are on blast this week at SBHQ: Jay-Z, Pete Rock and Redman, Mariah Carey, LMNO and Kev Brown, and NYOIL.

Jay-Z: "I Know"

Pete Rock feat. Redman: "Til I Retire/Best Believe"

Mariah Carey: "Touch My Body"

LMNO and Kev Brown: "Who's That?"

NYOIL: "Cap'n Save A Hoe"

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3 Responses

  1. Cap'n Save-A Hoe..... classic!!!

  2. @ Mariah. Ahh, Ms Carey's giving us gay served as geek. Yet, somehow, I'm left wanting. You'd think that a nice hunk would emerge, but alas I have geekboy miming "touch my body". sigh.

  3. @ JW: Unfortunately Mariah has become... something else, lol. I still have faith in her new album, but she's in way too deep with the hip-hop/chickenhead contingent.