No Wino At Grammy Awards


Much to everyone's chagrin, Amy Winehouse will not be attending this Sunday's Grammy Awards. The embattled soul singer was just denied a visa by the American Embassy in London. We were holding out hope that the powers that be would show a little mercy to the British belter since she checked herself into rehab a couple weeks ago, but there'll be no preferential treatment for this celebrity.

Damn. Wino was our sole inspiration for contemplating live-blogging the award ceremony. We just knew she was going to stumble her way on stage with her beehive cocked to the side and give us fodder for days. Oh well, rest assured that there'll be other award shows for her to act a donkey at in the future.

Winehouse Won't Be At Grammy Awards [BB]

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4 Responses

  1. Indeed, this was much to my chagrin. Let ole girl come on through the party.

  2. Hey girlie ! Just got off work. Love the site. I so enjoyed talking to you today! You give off a real cool vibe. I'm a big Amy Winehouse fan but I was kinda hopin to see her act up the awards too:) Any way keep in touch "Butta"! Later.

  3. Not to MY chagrin. I am happy she is staying home. I adore Amy but she needs to keep her young behind in rehab and clean up. She can't always come to the party, and someone should have told her that a LONG time ago.

  4. Overhyped and overpraised. She can stay home as far as I'm concerned ... No, no, no is right.