Q-Tip and Obscure Model Cover ‘Trace’

badu-qtip-trace.jpgSoulquarians represent! Q-Tip and Erykah Badu are on the cover of the Trace art issue looking quite comfy. Trace is known for it's stylish, alluring covers, having featured the likes of Mary J, Common & Lily Allen, and Iman. This cover is the business and strokes my inner-stan the likes of which you'll never know. Aside: Badu is truly dedicated to this 'fro, and I never realized Tip was so busty. (Click the thumbnail to enlarge.)

Also, if you thought we were done with Badu after yesterday, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Roy Hargrove ft. Q-Tip & Erykah Badu: "Poetry"

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16 Responses

  1. I'm digging this...I have to get a copy.
    (sidenote: who knew Tip had such big man boobs?)

  2. Re: Tip's chesticles

  3. I know I'm greedy, but does anyone know if 'Vibrate On' (the Girlfriend's track) and the song she breaks into on the Honey video will be on the July release?

  4. Just a minor quip with the posting of "Poetry" -- could you give my man Roy Hargrove his due? After all the song came from his Hard Groove album. Thanks.

  5. @ jmurph: Done.

  6. Slick.
    It's been time to subscribe to Trace.
    I must stop playin.

  7. Tip's got tittays!
    And Erykah's face (lip area) looks... odd.
    But Poetry is my song! I think it's beautiful.
    I second the Give Roy His Propers motion.

  8. Mr. Loew: "Annie" will be on the Edith Funker project, due out in the 4th quarter thru a deal with Starbucks. Don't know about "Vibrate On" because she specifically wrote that song for "Girlfriends.

  9. CORRECTION: Mr. Lowe, I should've typed that "Annie" is supposed to be on "Loretta Brown" instead of the Edith Funker project. My bad:)

  10. I like this. Reminds me of Prince and Vanity on Rolling Stone.

  11. Badu kills it on that breakdown in Poetry when she sings...
    Who knows the way to go
    Please show me the way to go
    Who knows the way to go
    Please show me the way to go

    She owns this song!

  12. Nova you da man...How many of this "sites" didn't notice the "SB" on the pic when they lifted it and didn't link it back to Soulbounce?

  13. Nova, that's friggin hilarious! catchin internet thieves red-handed, one post at a time.

  14. Funny shit Nova! It's really effed up how blogs don't credit each other. Is it really that hard? This reminds me of a situation I experienced with Bossip lol - - those momofuckas are ruthless!

  15. I love this picture. I love the artists on the cover and they both are amazing.

  16. The two most beautiful words in the English language are "Cheque Enclosed."
    -- Dorothy Parker


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