Sex, Love and Police Brutality

Heartfelt apologies if we're a little too gossipy today, but people keep getting into sh*t.


Sweet, innocent, Grammy-nominated R&B singer Tank was arrested this morning in New Orleans after leaving a party at the House of Blues. While on his way to meet his driver, he and a female friend were told by officers they couldn't "walk in that direction", and when Tank questioned the officers all hell broke loose. Tank was thrown to the ground and tasered. He was treated at the hospital and immediately thrown in jail, being charged with "intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest." All of the officers except one were white. But we don't want to infer anything. Just sayin'.

BET has the full story, God bless them. Shouts to Stereohyped for the compass.

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4 Responses

  1. The NOPD have a horrible history with civilians, especially Black citizens, so I am actually more surprised to hear that more didn't happen at All-Star Weekend which has become like "Freaknik" but with slightly older patrons.

  2. 4 real. 4 Mardi Gras, I almost got hit by the NOPD with a truck while walking from a parade, and he asked what was wrong with me as if I was in the wrong.

  3. well i'm sure he's trying to push that cd...

  4. If Tank of all people is getting hemmed up with po-po, there's no telling what the world is coming to ... my goodness.