Erykah Badu to Be the Face of Tom Ford’s New Fragrance

badu-fragrance.jpgAccording to Vogue, Erykah Badu is hooking up with Tom Ford as the face of his as-yet-unnamed new fragrance. The information was probably leaked to the fashion mag by Ford himself, but there are no accompanying details. At this point, we can only toss around speculation on the product's name:

  • Bah Du Toilette
  • Essence of Booty
  • Penitentiary Perfumery
  • Kiss Me On My Neck...and Taste the 'Du
  • 'High' Fashion

Hopefully, Tom won't rope Erykah into participating in an ad campaign like his last one, which is a little NSFW and kind of trashy in the way that's only acceptable in fashion. May the Creator be with her.

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4 Responses

  1. badu gettin that on those perfume names, u guys are ridiculous:)

  2. I vote no...only because I'm kinda partial to that Strange'. It stinks so good.

  3. How about Honey Du? 😉

  4. Teedra please go and get help from soul sister "we are family!!"superstar,Joni Sledge,now!! She is in the same boat with her solo albums:: "Joni" and "Tru". No - One in the last to find out land of the left out limeys-England can get them either!! Joni sing that "You've got a friend!!" Carol King song for Teedra and show her that you can be "Loving and Free!!"- (Kiki Dee!!) Teedra be that "Good Companion!!"- (Marc Cohn),and then you'll both be "Walking in Memphis!!"(Marc Cohn)
    together as friends that will help,love and support one another!!
    I know you can do this!! Best wishes!! Thomas Hartley @Chester U.K.


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