VIDEO: Kanye West ‘Flashing Lights’


After all the anticipation, wait and remixes comes the official Spike Jonze-directed "Flashing Lights" clip. For anyone that was expecting retro-futuristic, Hype Williams technicolor with a Dwele cameo, you are S.O.L. But if you wanted some tall, healthy dame engaging in slow-mo middle-of-the-dessert intrigue, then this clip is for you. Perhaps ol' girl got fed up with being judged in the lyrics and decided to take out Yeezy by any means necessary?

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6 Responses

  1. Well I say gotdamn...

  2. FINALLY! all now we need a video for "big brother". . . . now THAT would be interesting!

  3. Yep, she is tall and healthy!

  4. uh...dayum 'Ye. Can we get a little blood on the shovel? I mean, c'mon...
    very...interesting 2 say the least.
    and yes - homegirl is tall and has not skimped on the protein shakes.