Whose ‘Angel’ Has Wings? Anita Baker’s Or Chaka Khan’s?


As you know by now, SoulBounce is working on its list of the Top 100 Soul/R&B songs, which promises to be a classic. It got me to thinking, though, what would happen if the editors had to choose between soul sistas Anita Baker and Chaka Khan? Which diva would win out, particularly with their identically-titled songs, "Angel"?

Would it be Anita's 1983 version from The Songstress LP, or Chaka's Funk This lead single?

Let's play it out in today's Battle of the Beats. Take a listen and tell us which "Angel" has wings. I know it'll be a tough choice because personally, I think both are pretty fly. *crickets*

Anita Baker: "Angel"

Chaka Khan: "Angel"

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22 Responses

  1. Chaka, you know I love you, but Anita takes this, hands down.


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    Hands down CHAKA! I could never really get into Anita's voice. She sounds like she's mumbling like Toni Braxton.

  4. Love Chaka, but I have to give it to my favorite singer-Anita!

  5. This is hard because I like both artists so much it's like comparing apples and oranges....but I'm gonna have to give it to Chaka because the first few notes played and her voice just hit me. Wow - she's still got the fire!

  6. Chaka is my favorite all day...

  7. As much as I love my favorite Aries Diva (outside of myself of course!)...I'm gonna have to go with Anita. That song was just the joint back in the day!

  8. I love both of these songs. However, CHAKA KHAN WINS!

  9. I've gotta give it to "the Songstress" as well...

  10. That's Anita Baker all the way! That was my first dance song...

  11. I guess I would choose Anita out of these two, but really when you say the song Angel I really think about the ANGELA WINDBUSH version - that would be my real vote!

  12. These are both very talented women and I love them both, but I'm gonna have to go with Anita.

  13. NO CONTEST! NO CONTEST! Anita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh this is a classic, lawd yall about yo make me have an anita night...and being alone on valentines day, thats something i wouldnt recommend... but dammit I need me some fierceness right now and no one can bring it better than Anita.

  14. Chaka for me on this one.

  15. I can't believe that I'm gonna say this, because Chaka is one of my all-time vocal heroes, but I'd have to hand it to Anita in this matchup. Chaka's voice is as amazing as ever, but she hits some of those notes too hard for me...wish she'd have pulled out her mellow jazzy self for most of this and then let loose at the end. *sigh*
    About to pull out some old Rufus CDs and rue the day when I had to give the decision to someone else.

  16. What about "Angel" by Angela Winbush????/

  17. I love both songs, but I am going to have to say Anita, good point- Q Angela Winbush's Angel was the joint back in the day as well.

  18. I agree with GLO
    These versions are good. But I prefer Angela Winbush's "Angel" with that that great voice of hers.

  19. Anita Anita Anita all dayyyyyyyyyy

  20. Anita without a doubt. Anita's Angel is 25 years old but yet I hear it on the radio all the time-outright classic. Also she sings her song better-check out her emotion. Love Chaka and her song but she comes 3rd after Angela. ANITA, ANITA, ANITA.


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