Will.I.Am And Team Obama: ‘We Are The Ones’

With two hotly contested Democratic primaries upcoming in Texas and Ohio, Will.I.Am is back with another viral video complete with more of his Barack Obama-supporting friends. Although not as jazzy as "Yes We Can" (or the remix that makes us want "Barack our bodies"), "We Are the Ones" unites a gang of actors and musicians for a  pointed message to Latinos and undecided voters. There's more talking than singing in this video but it's great to hear Zoe Kravitz (!), N'Dambi, Tyrese, and Macy Gray on the chorus.

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5 Responses

  1. When I think of this song, it reminds me of when Mr. Clark asked the dudes in the bathroom to sing the school song.Just a flashback.But I like this.

  2. Beautiful. These just don't fail to mess with my tear ducts.

  3. There's something about these videos that get to me.
    Now if only I could get with's music, I'd be straight. 🙂

  4. I really like this. Even though its not as catchy as "Yes We Can", to me, its more honest.

  5. basically i want this whole election to be over.
    but yo sharonda, you made me laugh out loud with the lean on me reference. ha ha ha!