‘Yes We Can’ Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday folks, so please remember to vote in the Democratic primaries. In the meantime, some of SoulBounce's previously featured artists, like John Legend, CommonEstheroWill.I.Am and others, have gone all "We Are The World" and made a video featuring musical accompaniment to one of Barack Obama's speeches. Entitled "Yes We Can," the message is pretty simple, yet makes me wonder if just by saying "yes" will society's ills be eradicated. One can always hope, right?

Speaking of mashed-up speeches, this one has always been my favorite:

Martin Luther King w/ Larry Heard: "Can You Feel It"

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1 Response

  1. I don't think it's about healing all of society's wounds. That is not possible and that power can not and should not be vested in 1 person.
    What I think this year's election is about is "inspiration" and "hope". It's been a tough 8 years and I never discount those 2 words and the power that they have to move folks to act.