Amy Winehouse Gets Naked


Maybe three or so years ago when Amy Winehouse was thicker than a Snickers that headline may have had people clamoring to get a peek, but slim shady Amy? Um, not so much. But our girl Wino has taken it all off for a purpose in the April issue of the UK mag Easy Living in a photo spread to raise breast cancer awareness amongst young women. Other British babes to appear in the glossy include actress Helena Bonham Carter and singer Sade. Now that's who I'm sure a lot of folks are trying to see in her birthday suit...again.

And for those hoping to get the full monty from Ames, her naughty bits are covered with black duct tape and a guitar. Sorry to disappoint. I guess. Check out the photo in full after the bounce.


[H/T: C+D]

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1 Response

  1. Oh, Amy….seriously, icky black tape??? She could’ve made the picture at least a little more appealing by using some cute nipple covers. Nippies by Bristols 6 would've been perfect. A lot of women who have had masectomies use them to cover their scars, and they are pretty. She should’ve used something in the pic that women with breast cancer would actually like to wear. Next time, I guess!