The Bob Marley Question

bob-marley-251193.jpgNow that Rita Marley has decided to produce a movie detailing the life of her late husband Bob Marley, tongues are already wagging about casting choices.

The widow Marley would like Lauryn Hill to portray her because "She sees my life as her life," and possibly her grandson Stefan as a young Bob. Popwatch has already posed the question of who should play Bob, citing Don Cheadle as a top choice. Personally, I think an unknown should take the role; once people start throwing out names of famous singers and actors, it becomes a vanity project. And we could probably use a film about a legendary person of color that doesn't default to Will Smith or Denzel, as if there aren't plenty of capable actors on the come-up that could master the work. [EW / Reuters]

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  1. I agree that some fresh talent be tapped to play Bob Marley. And let's cast a wide net to consider some British or Caribbean actors.
    And on all that is good and holy, whoever they pick for the part needs to have that Jamaican accent down pat. There is nothing I hate more than hearing some Ja-fake-an butcher the accent. (I'm looking at you, Taye Diggs.)

  2. I agree. An unknown should portray Bob. I just hope that the dreadlocks this person has on his head are authentic or at least look authentic (dred wigs can be particularly dreadful).
    Regarding Stefan Marley portraying Bob: this could work only if Lauryn does not portray Rita. Wouldn't that be kind of weird since she's involoved with Rohan Marley, Stefan's brother.
    Also, who will portray Cindy Shakespeare,
    Bob's long-time love who was at his bedside daily with Rita, before his death?

  3. The Don Cheadle suggestion had me dying.

  4. LOL @ ill mami's dred/dread comment.
    And yes, let's keep Cheads in Rwanda and awayyyyy from Jamaica. For real.

  5. Actually Bob's side-piece was named Cindy Breakspeare. That will be mighty interesting to see how their love affair is portrayed with Rita producing the film. Thank goodness Halle Berry is too old for the role since she's the go-to light-skinned actress. Maybe they'll actually find someone who can act.

  6. @ Butta:
    But you know Halle would still try to get all up in that piece and try to portray dark-skinned Rita.
    Lest we forget the debacle that was her role in the X-Men movies. Storm
    is hardly light-skinned. I'm just sayin...

  7. Well with that thinking you should have a biracial guy playing Bob since his dad was white and British.

  8. Butta, you and I are in complete agreement here. I hate a ja-fake-an accent more than almost anything (thankfully there isn't a fake Trini accent, we fall into that amorphous "island" accent range where it's hard to tell where the heck the person's supposed to be from). Whenever I see Taye Diggs to this day, I think of him saying "I would like to dance with you" in that horrendous accent. Ugh. So embarrassing! I'd love to see an unknown, preferably an actual Jamaican actor. Bob's son Ky-Mani is an up and coming actor, I think he'd make an excellent choice.

  9. Rita said she would like to see her GRANDSON Stefan play the role of Bob - not her SON Stephan (who would be Rohan's brother). Also the movie is to be based on Rita's book No Woman No Cry - My Life With Bob Marley so that should give us an idea of how Cindy and the others will be portrayed (or not portrayed). I would love to see this with an authentic Caribbean actor but if I had to pick an American just off of looks I would be looking at Gary Dourdan or even Michael Ealy before I would be looking at Don Cheadle, lol

  10. @sfsinger:
    I think that by limiting the role to a biracial (Caucasian and African-American) actor would be unfair to the multitude of underemployed Black actors out there. Plus, when you think about it, most of us, includng actors who only identify themselves as Black, can be considered multiracial several times over. It would be interesting for the masses to know this fact by having it included in the movie. Is this possibly why after the patchouli-wearing hippie stage that many Caucasian liberal arts college students progress onto the dredlock, joint-smoking "No Woman No Cry" stage?
    I wonder...

  11. Why not Barack Obama?! He's biracial. LOL What happened to just finding a good actor? And why is everyone hating on Halle Berry? I guess she's not black enough?


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