Brandy’s ‘Dig This’ Has Us Reaching For A Shovel

Your intrepid SoulBounce Editors are back at it this week by taking a brand new track and breaking it down for it to forever be broke over an IM convo. Embattled R&B singer Brandy is in the hot seat with her song "Dig This" from the Meet the Browns soundtrack.
Lend your ear to Brandy then read what nOva and Butta made of the track, which wasn't much.

Brandy: "Dig This"

nOva: OMG! You know what I thought this was? That Mary J. song "Stay Down."
Butta: I thought I had an "I've heard this before" moment.

nOva: This is the SAME song.
Butta: Shame on whoever produced this.
nOva: When is Brandy doing an upbeat song?

Butta: THANK YOU! I mean so far it's not bad, but it's kinda lackluster for B-Rocka's return.
nOva: People act like they're scared to do fast songs because of Beyonce.
Butta: Or a mid-tempo with some knock to it woulda worked. Like that track she did with Esthero. That was a much better look than this.

nOva: Oh well, this is for a Tyler Perry movie, so I don't expect much. It's supposed to be schmaltzy.

I was about to say the same thing! Get out of my head. Yeah, you
definitely have to think about this in the context of whose film this

nOva: Tyler Perry was probably picking songs going
"No. I dont want this. This sounds like too much fun. I want people to
take Black people SERIOUSLY."

Butta: Back in the day this would have been soundtrack filler not a soundtrack feature.

nOva: Right!

Butta: To Brandy's credit she did sound good.
nOva: Brandy
sounds like Brandy. But I'm sayin', when are these double-time vocals
gonna go out of style? People been doin' this shit for over 10 years!
Butta: Methinks never.
nOva: Who's responsible for this? Missy? R. Kelly?
Butta: If it ain't broke, why would they fix it?
nOva: I'm over it.

Butta: So are you over Brandy, too?
nOva: She's on "my list."
Butta: Yeah, I'm giving her the semi side-eye for this one.
nOva: She's been dropping all these slow joints, but I guess no one wants to see a vehicular homiciderer get funky.

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13 Responses

  1. No.
    This isn't gonna get it.
    Agreed that the double time vocals have been bled dry of what little merit they ever possessed.

  2. responsibility for double time vocals in R&B:
    Mariah by way of Bone Thugs.
    but really doe, did Brandy really sing "...don't you know hard it is to find a guy /that look good /got a job / a place to stay / and on top of that he's straight."
    for a Tyler Perry movie?

  3. @ Stylus:
    Haha! I heard that too and my head involuntarily cocked all the way to the side like, "Huh?"
    This song is like a platter of hot, sentimental garbage. I know Brandy's got to pay the bills and all, but this is too horrible to even use that as an excuse. Such a throwaway track.

  4. I'm having trouble making the connection between Tyler Perry and that song lyric. Is that an inside joke? Maybe I'm just not able to put 2 and 2 together. WHAT COULD TYLER PERRY POSSIBLY HAVE TO DO WITH HOMOSEXUALITY?

  5. Eh ... I don't love it but I don't hate it. It's OK. A sister's been through a lot, so I'll let it slide this time.

  6. Why so much fuss over a soundtrack song?
    It is not like this is the debut song off her next album.

  7. OMGOSH!!! this is not the ALBUM!!!! get over it. Ya'll are acting like SHE wrote the damn thing herself! it's for a soundtrack. At least WAIT until the REAL SINGLE drops b4 talkin sh*t. That goes for ANY artist. its called having RESPECT FOR THIER CRAFT...

  8. @ k and MusickidD:
    The thing so troubling about this song is that it was released onto the unsuspecting public, whether it's from a soundtrack or solo effort shouldn't matter. Just as I check and recheck every post I write, a true artist should, in theory, pay as much attention to their craft.
    And BTW, having respect for an artist's craft includes, yes, giving them space to grow and experiment as an artist. It does not include being subjected to work that is so horrible, they are obviously singing the song to collect a check.

  9. @ ill Mami:
    k and MusickidD need to understand the following points:
    1. We're just having fun. There's no "fuss".
    2. We love Brandy.
    3. We're the editors of this site so we can do what we want.
    4. We're the editors of this site so we can do what we want.
    and, finally, number 5
    5. We're the editors of this site so we can do what we want.

  10. Brandy is fierce.... back up. Nuff said.

  11. it's a perfunctory song, but it's going to sell, because it's in Brandy's comfort zone. i had this song in the background and the instrumentation was solid, it's the vocals/lyrics that were making this track plain.

  12. "Fellas say you love your chicks!"
    Is that an 80's lyric?
    As for the double time vocals, Brandy herself made a ripple with Full Moon many, many moons ago.
    But tens across the board for all who get Tyler Perry's need for artistic dominance, I mean control, of every single aspect of his films, no matter how ridiculous.

  13. I like it, and I love the double time lyrics. I think that's her specialty. But the song isn't her best.