Caron Wheeler Says, ‘I Adore You’

All week long, I'm diggin' in the crates, searching high and low for cuts from talented soul sistas that never quite got the shine they deserved. Yesterday, it was all about the Juice. Today's spotlight is on the 1992 motion picture soundtrack to Mo' Money

While the movie wasn't particularly memorable, it gave us hits from MC Lyte ("Ice Cream Dream"), Ralph Tresvant ("Money Can't Buy You Love"), Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson ("The Best Things in Life Are Free"), and from today's DITC artist, UK soulstress Caron Wheeler. Her Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-produced "I Adore You" was the standout of the set list, with her voice sparkling over the Flyte Tyme duo's aggressive beats.

Wheeler, of course, is best known for her work with British group Soul II Soul, lending her haunting vocals to their hugest hits, "Keep on Movin'" and "Back to Life." However, she also helmed two of her own projects: 1990's UK Blak and 1993 follow-up Beach of the War Goddess. Blak gave Caron a chart hit with "Livin' in the Light," while Goddess yielded modest success with "Adore" and "In Our Love."

Here's some Caron trivia: Did you know, in the '80s, Wheeler was part of the female quartet Afrodisiak, and in 1993, she did a cover of Jimi Hendrix smash "The Wind Cries Mary"?

Yeah, just some of the reasons why I can't help but adore Caron. Time to cabbage patch, my peoples.

Caron Wheeler: "I Adore You"

Caron Wheeler [MySpace]

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4 Responses

  1. Now this is interesting ...I played this song on Sunday (along with the rest of the UK Black album)
    Great track!

  2. I listen to this song at least 10 times a month. Her voice is incredible!

  3. What about "My Dear" from Mint Condidtion. Got it in my iPod now. Such a good song ooozing with sex appeal.

  4. I LOVE CARON WHEELER. I still have my copy of Beach of the War Goddess- that album is an unsung classic that any real music lover should try to get. I Adore you is the just the tip - there is "Gotta Give it Up", "Light As a Feather", "Land of Life"- so many to name. They still make good music like that now, but the big time radio don't play it because it's mostly indie labels like mine. You can hear some of our music on our or go to our website and check out Nadine Sutherland and Chrisinti in particular if you are a Caron Weeler fan like me


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