‘Essence’ of Erykah Hits Newsstands

Erykah Badu, no stranger to the lens of a camera, has lent her photogenic looks to yet another magazine cover. Her now trademark afro wig, looking much more manageable than it has looked of late, is showcased in its various forms, both on the cover and within the cover story. Essence, not exactly a periodical given to asking original questions of its featured subjects, gets Erykah to open up about, what else? Men not looking her in the eye and her current love she's not naming. Erykah does, however, offer that she belongs "to the world right now" and no one else, therefore, marriage is out of the question. So for all you men in love with this analogue girl, get yourselves ready. I hear she'll be on tour soon, so you never know...

The full cover story here.

[H/T: OKP]


2 Responses

  1. i absolutely adore this site!! Keep the good, soulful news coming!

  2. dam, i haven't bought Essence in a loooong time but they will get a sale out of me for that cover. Go Erykah!


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