Morning Soul: Everything She Wants

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  1. I must confess, I'm a huge Wham! fan. I still have my copy of "Make it Big" and once every blue moon I'll spin it. This was one of their best songs.

  2. @ S. Flemming:
    Wham! What?!? I am the biggest Wham fan! Was "Like A Baby" one of the most underrated slow jams or what?

  3. @ ill Mami & S. Flemming:
    Both of ya'll some Whammas.

  4. I guess I'm a Whamma, too. I LOVED WHAM WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. I got these cats on vinyl, y'all. Not to mention posters, calendars, buttons, t-shirts--alla dat. Yeah, it was serious back in the day.
    And for the record, I'm still in denial about George Michael. Guilty feet have got no rhythm.

  5. Damn, I guess I should chime in with my Wham! moment. Picture it, Jamaica, 2004. lol An American boy is sipping Red Stripe on the gorgeous beaches of White Horses in Jamaica. The local fish shop owner is gutting the night's dinner while strains of "Careless Whisper" blare from the Bose speakers.
    That American boy, already three beers to the wind, starts singing along with George Michael's declaration that dancing is no longer an option. And all is well with the world.
    Yes, my friends ... that American boy was me. All marveled at the fact that I knew.every.word. One patron made a makeshift karaoke mic out of a dixie cup and passed it over.
    The moral of that story? I love Wham! And I like saying "before you go-go."
    That is all. 🙂

  6. This post has turned into a SoulBounce Editor confessional. LOL

  7. Whammas, LMAO.
    @ Ill Mami: Yes! I love that song. "Careless Whisper" is my favorite though, while "Kissing a Fool" is my favorite George Michael solo cut. If he does a show Stateside I'm going, for real. LOL

  8. I'm more into post-Wham GM. Sorry kids, lol.