Name That Beat: For Music Nerds

Well, well, well. Seems like somebody thinks they're all that and a bag of chips. Seems as though a certain Quibian Salazar-Moreno hit the nail right on the head by guessing correctly last week's sample. Yes, QSM, it was U Roy's "Tom Drunk" which was sampled
by DJ Hi-Tek for "Fortified Live" which featured Talib Kweli, Mos Def and Mr.
. Good job! And please be aware that since SoulBounce is a site run on blood, sweat, and love, we cannot offer you any bags of chips for your correct answer. But please accept a big heap of bragging rights in exchange. LOL

This week's sample is below. Y'all know the deal, but for those who don't, you must include in your answer:
  • The title and artist of the original track below.
  • The artist and title of the track who sampled it.

  • Ain't nothin' to it, but to do it, so get to it!

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    5 Responses

    1. my crown called me and told me it misses me but I'm benevolent and learned to share so I'll continue to play spectator.
      I will drop a few hints, since those are fun:
      - "baaaaa"
      - brazil
      - Creed Taylor

    2. I am in learn mode on this one.
      I keep hearing a frigging studio theme song and thinking a movie is about to come on.
      My lack of jazz knowledge is directly related to my former alleged love of horticultural coexistence. Or I just don't know jazz that well.

    3. Original is "Rhapsody In Blue" by Eumir Deodato (Originally composed by Gershwin)
      Sampled on "Gimmie The Finga" off Black Sheep's debut
      Gershwin's version was used in ad campaigns for United Airlines, which may be why it reminds you of a theme song, Belve.

    4. Belve- if you don't know jazz that well, get know!lol!Just playing..but seriously I love this nerdy problem is that I never remember all the details required..did u all get the record covers in Erykahs, honey vid?

    5. Ughhh United.. Now I remember why I couldn't think of it.. I swore them off years ago.
      I'll stick to knowing soul samples. I am more apt to play them around the house.


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