New Videos From Lupe Fiasco and Nikki Jean, Day 26, Teyana Taylor, and O’Neal McKnight and Greg Nice

This week's new videos run the gamut from good to gosh-darn awful. First up is Lupe Fiasco with a pretty literal interpretation of his next single featuring online sensation Nikki Jean on the hook. Next we have Diddy's manufactured boy band Day 26 with their debut video where they prove that New Edition they are not. Next we see Teyana Taylor of MTV's My Super Sweet 16 fame finally dropping her first video and despite her fabulosity the homemade-looking clip is anything but. Last we have O'Neal McKnight trying to bring Greg Nice, shiny suits, and tone-deaf singing back in one fell swoop in his star-studded video.

Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean: "Hip Hop Saved My Life"

Day 26: "Got Me Going"

Teyana Taylor: "Google Me"

O'Neal McKnight feat. Greg Nice: "Check Your Coat"

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3 Responses

  1. Google Me? Really? Whatever.
    I don't know who she is.
    Pretty girl... looks a lot older than 16. I'm sure she'll be sluttin' it up as soon as she's closer to legal. Unfortunately, that's what happens in the biz.
    I guess since I'm old school... "Lycos Me, Baby".

  2. Teyana's adorable. She'll bring something yet.
    As for Day 26, Puffy should have sat down. His presence alone can ruin a video. The music is average, but their voices are not. Here's to hoping they'll break loose from Puffy's clutches after this album, and make a name for themselves without the influence of someone who is losing the little bit of influence he got his hands on for a minute.

  3. rkj: i doubt that teyana will be "sluttin' it up" any time soon. word on the street is that she's an alterna-chick (think rainbow). but now that i think about it, that doesn't necessarily it rule out. anyway, she's been out for a while now on the harlem scene but she started becoming more known for her appearance on mtv's "super sweet 16". contrary to the pix, she's a regular 17 year old. without her make-up, she looks her age. ask why i know all of this...i work in a school in east harlem and my kids make sure that i'm up to date.