SoulCommune Is Where The Soulful Gather


SoulCommune is the latest social network to pop up online, but this one has a twist: It's for lovers of soul, hip-hop, soulful house and jazz. Now that's what I'm talking about! Hosted on Ning, a service that allows people to create their own social networks, SoulCommune exists to bring soul music fans and artists together. Less than a month old, the community boasts over 1000 members with more soulful souls joining daily.

According to creator and music lover, Donald Hardway, the idea for the community stemmed from a conversation he had with a close friend who is also musical artist about the challenges that the soul music scene is experiencing. Although the artist and his peers found themselves garnering international recognition and critical praise, gaining traction and commercial success is another matter. After that conversation, Morehouse grad and Howard MBA Hardway thought of a way that he could help and two months later SoulCommune was born.

"What I would like to see is this site become the place where people can come and get a truly communal experience. This is like a worldwide summit online," Hardway explains. "I want it to be different than a MySpace experience. The goal with this site is quality and not quantity!" Well I'll soul clap to that. 

SoulCommune is definitely the place to be--besides here, of course. Check the community out and be sure to befriend the SoulBounce posse while you're there. Get at us after the bounce. 

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