Day26 Actually Said These Things

day26-single.jpgThis morning I stumbled upon (and when I say "stumbled", I mean I totally lost footing and landed face-first in some doodoo) this article about Diddy's latest tax write-off Manity Kane Day26. In my book, they already have two strikes against them for being on a reality show and signing with Bad Boy, so anything they do or say at this point is likely to either make me chuckle, roll my eyes or scratch my head. In that respect, they don't disappoint. Check out some of these interesting bytes from the piece:

Will: "Diddy was real hands on. We didn't see a whole lot of him, but when we cut something, we had to cut it three or four times because it had to get approved by Diddy."

Will, that's not "hands-on". That's what an executive does.

Will: "It's kind of like how Mary J. Blige's story is. She may not be the best vocalist in the world, but you're gonna leave the performance crying because you felt the emotion. I think we all appreciate him for that."

Oh dear. It's pretty much an open secret that Mary's prowess lies more in emotion than vocal perfection. However, for you to be going there at this stage in your career with that choice of words is questionable at best.

Robert: "I think one thing that's different [about Day26], first of all, is that we all got God in our life, and we know nothing's going to happen without that."

I'm all for praising Jesus and everything, but don't act like you're the first and/or only R&B act to acknowledge His existence. Also, God has a sense of humor. Surely Robert must realize this, since he knows Him so well.

Robert: "We all got the same goal. I think that's the problem with a lot of groups; that everybody's got different goals at the end of the day and everybody's not trying to get to the same place."

Please refer to the long history of groups signed to Bad Boy Records. Understand that regardless of your level of commitment to the label or the brotherhood, you can and most likely will be replaced by something younger, cuter, and with less talent.

I wish them the best of luck, though.


Day 26 Promise a New Day [EUR]

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6 Responses

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is hysterical...especially the remarks about them being a tax write-off and how they're basically doomed to the same fate as, well, EVERYONE who's been signed to Bad Boy not named Notorious B.I.G. Anyone remember Dream? How about Eden's Crush? Those fools from the 1st season of 'Making Da Band'? Shit, what the hell happened to Total??
    Yeah..that shoulda tipped them off but alas. Maybe they think God has their back on this one, instead of thinking that maybe all the other failed groups on Bad Boy were God's way of trying to show people not to eff w/ Diddy.

  2. Wow.
    I'm actually at a loss. You've said it all. This lil' wippa-snappas are gonna be long gone and forgotten by Day 28. Anyone wanna put money on that?
    Bad Boy is exactly that. Bad.
    I miss Black Rob.
    And I'm gonna shut up now.

  3. Why?... They are fools..LOL. They will see soon enough that you cant feed 5 people off of 500k units and especially if Puffy Diddy John is signing the check. NEXT!!

  4. Let's chalk this up to a rookie mistake.. Can we? okay maybe not even this can just be written off as a rookie mistake.. Lord help the children!!! Since they are the only group to know Him let Roberta, I mean Robert tell it!!

  5. I remember the days when being signed to Bad Boy Entertainment actually meant something significant/positive/outstanding. Now it seems like it's a joke. But I won't speak against their dream. As long as they're onstage/making records/doing interviews, they're not shooting/being shot/in jail.
    I will leave this great post with two words that need to be infused into the industry (especially BBE): "artist development." Don't have these brothers talking crazy...

  6. Who the FCK! do they think they are. The whole Mary comment pissed me off. You put out one lack luster album and think you have the right to speak on the QUEEN OF HIP HOP AND R&B! The group as a hole is wack as hell.