The Roots ‘Get Busy’

The Roots are back! Not just with a follow-up video to their first single "75 Bars" that debuted exactly one week ago, but they are back to basics, y'all. The Roots have always been the tightest hip hop band in recent memory, but they kind of lost me on their last couple of albums. Pardon my desire for them to return a bit more to their hip hop roots (pun intended), but they have definitely brought the ruckus with this one. The Roots are joined by Dice Raw, Peedi Krak, and Jazzy Jeff on the production. The effect is an old-school rhyme-for-all like the Marley Marl classic "The Symphony." In this video, Black Thought spits his squad is "Part Mandrill, Part Mandela...Part Melle Mel, Part Van Halen" and Dice Raw flexes on some unsuspecting office worker to hilarious effect. With machismo like that, North Philly is definitely in the house. 


[H/T: OKP]

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5 Responses

  1. this shit is uncouth.
    I feel like I want to go out and catch an assault charge.
    bammas sounding HUNGRY!!
    I can't wait for Rising Down.

  2. The Roots have neva left! They always are working, hustling on their grind! That track is bananas!

  3. Im am patiently waiting for the new album!!

  4. Cannot wait for this new album!
    These new videos are great...


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