What Is Really Going On With Dude From The Jungle Brothers?


I've been debating whether or not I was gonna touch this story that had the internets goin' nuts on Monday, but I can't help myself. I'm sure by now you've seen or heard about the scandal that MediaTakeOut "broke" about Afrika Baby B.A.M., formerly of the Jungle Brothers, when they posted some photos of him in full makeup and dressed in what looked to be a gimp outfit. While this wasn't exactly Entertainment Tonight material, for any lover of the Native Tongues posse and early '90s hip hop, seeing these suspect flicks probably took you through some changes.

If you were anything like me then you were more than likely in denial. Could Afrika be doin' his own dang to the beat of a different drum? Was he now a member of A Tribe Called Questionable? And how in the heck did he get his lip gloss to be so poppin'? Surely there was an explanation to all this madness I was seeing.

And there is.

From what I've gathered, he is not gay. Sorry, fellas. But he is Pagan. And I guess Pagans are into the smoky eye. For those uninformed, a "pagan" is defined by Webster's as "one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods : an irreligious or hedonistic person." Mmkay. A quick trip to Wiki gives more info on Paganism and breaks it down even further.

This whole Pagan thing was quite evident on a visit to his MySpace page. Those damning photos were on display in a public photo album with captions such as "The Pagan Narcissist" and "The Pagan Prince" and giving props to his photog/makeup artist. He also mentioned the "Pagan Society," and they just so happened to be his top friend. So I clicked away and went to that page to get to the bottom of this. If there was ever a time I wished I could unclick, this was it.

On the bizarre Pagan Society MySpace page
Baby B.A.M. can be heard railing against hip hop in the "Pagan Mantra," which can also be read in its entirety in the About section of the profile. If you can stand listening to his madman rantings over the hard rock track, then go for it. I personally couldn't stay on the page for any length of time and felt the need to break out my bible and sleep with a cross after visiting last night. Trust and believe I will be in church on Sunday.

As for B.A.M., he is on some different stuff right now. Gone are the days of trying to house anybody or be their buddy. Miss Crabtree won't be pleased.

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  1. got its hands on some EXPLOSIVE photos of Afrika Baby Bam from the popular 1990s group the Jungle Brothers. We're sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for these pics ....
    I love how MTO "got its hands on" something he posted on his own Myspace page. Also "we're sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for these pics", but why pursue that when you can just posts the pics without any context (but with an MTO watermark) and just allow base, misinformed judgment to run rampid?
    Unfortunately, more people read MTO than SB.

  2. Good detective work!
    You're such a gumshoe LOL
    Thanks for clearing this up. I knew alot of people who were very disturbed by those photos.

  3. Pagan Society = some hip-hop goth shit.
    B.A.M. = hip-hop Marilyn Manson?
    Check his comments on the Pagan Society page, as well as his current sound provider. Sammy B. wouldn't make a good fit in this project anyway.
    I definitely felt like I had taken a shot to the gut when I saw the flicks, not because I care about any rapper's sexual orientation but because it was another nail in the coffin for J-Beez that may never return.
    I hope this is a case of finding his place with people he can relate to and being happy rather than a sign that he's going off the deep end. "The Crazy" is a much worse fate than "The Gay".
    Other than my partners, you won't find a bigger Jungle Brothers fan than me. There are ways to take the pain away.
    At least when we talked to Mike G. a while back he seemed grounded, pleasant and tolerant of my rabid Jungle Brother fanboy behavior (although I stopped short of pushing him about where he stands with B.A.M.) Still rhymes pretty good too.

  4. haha, well I gotta say I actually kinda like that Pagan Mantra track, sounds like an outtake from one of the later Fishbone albums. Weird to hear him take that anti-gay shot at Kanye in this context, though.

  5. Smoky eye ok..but green eye shadow?
    I always thought something was a little off with him from way back...but I loved the music and that's what counts!
    As long as he's happy I guess....
    And this is why I read only Soulbounce...I am soo sick of these other gossip sites with their lies, spin and nastiness...Soulbounce gives it to you str8 with no chaser!

  6. im not really surprised. this is what native tongues were all about, no?

  7. For a minute I thought he was Tyler Perry:) yeah no way he could be gay right? I mean every man wakes up in the morning wanting to put on eye shadow and lip gloss:)This is some gangstalicious Boondocks kinda shit:)

  8. Heres a check list for you...
    Afrika ... Gay!
    Sherman Hemsley ... gay
    Clifton Davis ... gay
    Johnny Mathis ... gay
    Carl From Family Matters and Die Hard... gay
    Luthor Vandross.. gay
    Teddy Pendergass... gay
    Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince ... Gay
    Eddie Murphy ... gay
    Tyler Perry ... gay
    Shamar Moore ... gay
    Marvin Gay... not gay
    but Tevin Cambell, really gay!

  9. I haven't heard the tracks, but the idea of an intersection of goth and hip-hop sounds interesting.
    I did have to pipe up on the whole pagan thing, though. Webster's is wrong. Paganism IS a religion. It's just not an Abrahamic religion like Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Paganism is an umbrella term for a huge variety of ways that people used to honor the earth, the turning of the seasons, and each other. In the U.S. and Europe, it usually refers to one of the Wiccan-influenced traditions that came out of the closet starting with Gerald Gardner in the 1960s. Why the 1960s? Because that's when the last of the anti-witchcraft laws were repealed. But one could argue that Afro-Carribean traditions like Santeria, Vodoun, and Candomble are also pagan, since they took the older gods of West Africa and put a Christian face on them.
    To say that pagans don't have religion is a teeny tiny bit like saying that hip-hop isn't a culture but a fad (something a woman told me in 1995, when hip-hop had been around for more than a decade).
    I've been a practicing pagan since the early 1990s and used to run a website on the subject for I quit that gig in 2002, though. Being a professional witch kinda blows.
    On the whole goth tip: goth is NOT a religion but a style of expression. I've actually never come across a male pagan who liked to do the smoky eyes thing. Then again, I don't really hang out with that many goths. They depress me 😉
    Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now and subscribe to your feed.
    Frances (aka Okelle)

  10. i dont appreciate this ignorance... You dont know him so you dont understand whats happening in his life.. by the way im his daughter and at the moment he has a girlfriend

  11. Cant believe I'm just hearing about this. Never imagined him being a Pagan but, its his Life. Im with GOD and pray for him. He has a right to believe as he does and i wont criticize him.