When ‘Crack Logic’ Hit You All At Once

Whitsmall.jpgThis week, in honor of Women's History Month, we've been featuring some of our favorite female artists in flashback videos. There's no way we could end the week without featuring one of the most infamous video clips in the history of R&B.

Yup, the one where Whitney Houston tried to convince America that drugs were OK, but "crack is wack." Lawd, I miss that logic. I need that logic. I need some new Whitney interviews in my life.

But for now, let's just roll back to 2002 for part two of Diane Sawyer's exclusive interview. Take a gander as Bobby Brown announces his latest disease, all while Whitney searches for receipts...and her voice.

Tyler Perry ain't got nothin' on these Browns! Happy Good Friday...

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4 Responses

  1. This interview is chock full of foolishness. But for those that want the breakdown, the best part is from 6:05 onwards.
    Diane Swayer: "This says $730,000 a day habit. This is a headline."
    Whitney: "I wish. Hee hee...I wanna see the receipts!"
    And later on,
    DS: "If you had to name the devil among [all the durgs you've used]. it would be?"
    WH: "That would be me."
    Please note that at this point that Whitney smiles the most devious, batsh*t crazy smile that Diane Sawyer has likely ever seen.
    And scene.

  2. I was always amazed at Whit's level of denial during this interview...and even thought that she hit the pipe 1 or 2 times before sitting down and talking to Diane...
    Those crazy a** smiles and fidgeting are just a dead giveaway to how far she was in...I pray that she has left this behind her...

  3. I have to say that Brickney - she is a Jersey brawd, and those who know their biz will know of what I speak when I speak of the bricks - and Bobby are an American legend. The fact that they found each other in this crazy world is not only amazing, but touching. As a noted pro stated "a toe is a toe." And love is love. Love of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Ain't that the American rebel dream? She'll be alright. So will he. And if not, hey - they lived. LIVED.Hell, we got presidents killing thousands. She ain't hurt nobody. Bobbi Kristina? Shit, her life is the stuff of publishing dreams and full bank accounts. If her parents had behaved, she'd be a bored chunky gal in Jersey. That's worse than death. Wait a few years. A book will be published. And I bet you cold hard Euros - it will be a best-seller. Trust.

  4. Poor Whitney she has had a tough life, but ain't we all. I hope she has a lot of good luck in the future, and continues to keep the faith. I hope too that her daughter can sing like her one day.