When Mimi Still Had Visions of Love

She's everywhere these days, discussing her lack of self-esteem and her need for a famous partner. So in order to stop my right eye from twitching and remembering how much of a fan I am, today's tribute to Women's History Month features one of the best voices of our generation: Mariah Carey.

In this video, Ms. Carey breaks-breaks down her quality of life just before her second LP, Emotions, was released in 1991. It was a time when young Mariah had all the potential in the world (if not all the breasts...joke!), a time when she was primed to go for Whitney Houston's vocal crown.

Yup, these are the memories of which I can't let go. Enjoy.

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah she was at her prime in those days.Don't know what happen.She seemed more smarter.I think she playing a role trying to be a "dumb blonde" and she really can stop frontin'!
    Mariah , girl stop.

  2. She DID blossom rather quickly, didn't she?