#91: Anita Baker ‘Sweet Love’

Thank God for second chances, because without one we may have never been blessed with "Sweet Love" from the one and only Anita Baker. After getting her start with the group Chapter 8 in the late '70s and charting two singles, their label ran into financial trouble and the group got curbed. Anita decided to go back home to Detroit and get a job with a steady paycheck as a receptionist. But she still had the music in her and when approached to do her own project she refused at first but eventually came around and recorded her solo debut, The Songstress. That set produced a couple of Quiet Storm hits, but it was her 1986 sophomore disc, Rapture, that put Anita on everyone's radio frequency. The biggest song from the album was "Sweet Love," which became a crossover hit and won a well-deserved Grammy for Best Rhythm & Blues Song. I don't know if Anita was really in love at the time this song was written, but you can feel the passion and fire in every lyric. This one goes out to all the lovers out there. How sweet it is, indeed.


8 Responses

  1. Thank Goodness, indeed! I love me some Anita!

  2. Anita!I love her music.Thanks to my pops for putting me on her.

  3. Yes! Soulbounce you have a winner again with this pick! Love Anita!

  4. I had that mad high school crush on babygirl, so mad that I would only kick it with honeys who favored Anita:) hair cut, body type, you name it:) I am still banging this CD and if Anita EVER becomes single, let me get a application:)

  5. I was born in '86,but know each and every anita baker song cause my mom still plays her album over, and over,and over. and honestly, i dont mind 🙂

  6. I love this song.

  7. 'bout time one of my joints made it.
    this song still makes me hug myself.
    some of Anita's moves were jive autistic in this vid but I love every second of it. I'll take an application too.
    Daz-I-Kue has a killer drum-n-bass version of this that he hits at the end of his sets. I'm partial to the definitive classic go-go version myself.

  8. "DEAD" @ some of Anita's moves were jive autistic in this vid
    I love Anita Baker and this song


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