#99: Mariah Carey ‘Vision of Love’

Since nOva pulled a fast one yesterday to kick off the Top 100 Soul/R&B countdown, it's only fair we play a slow one on Day 2 of what promises to be a list full of surprises.

Before there were any rainbows, butterflies or a need for emancipation, Mariah Carey blew us all away with an eight-octave range that made her the odds-on heir to the vocal thrones of both Minnie Riperton and Whitney Houston. We got caught up in her 'Vision' whether we meant to or not, as this lead single set us up for a stellar eponymous debut disc from the talented 20-year old from Huntington, Long Island.

Sure, Mimi's had her share of hiccups through the years, but still, her voice has remained a constant. All of which proves that everyone has bouts with blurry vision. It's only the strong that can see past it and continue to succeed.

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3 Responses

  1. Ahhh...gotta add some old Mimikins to the running roster. I SO heart this song.
    I'm so thrown off by the carnage that remains today I forgot how much I liked her.

  2. I still love this song, and her first album too. Not feeling her much these days, but I love the classics.

  3. if eminem is the new elvis, and christina aguilara is the new teena marie, is leona lewis the new mariah?


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