Alicia Keys Was Smoking On ‘Letterman’ Last Night

Alicia Keys has been coming out of her sexy bag in a major way lately. Last night she appeared on Late Night with David Letterman to sing her new single "Teenage Love Affair" and she looked and sounded phenomenal. She had a whole '60s girl group vibe going on with her two female backup singers, which perfectly matches the song. Enjoy the performance below and peep Dave not wanting to let Alicia go when he greeted her after the performance.

For more sweet eye candy from Alicia bounce on over to Concrete Loop for flicks of her wearing the hell out of that gray dress. 


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  1. anybody got a wetnap?

  2. Avatar

    Thank God, she's got that shape and that wonderful way with lifted melodies, because those nasal, breathless cracks ain't what we call singing!