Amy Winehouse Pushes Back Own Album for Household Chores

Just when reports of Amy Winehouse's new material began coming in, the latest is that she's decided to lay off recording any of it because she's occupied with other things. Her label, Island, booked her a very expensive flight to the Bahamas to record material with Salaam Remi in hopes that the sessions would yield tracks for a 2008 release. Since Amy's pulled out, they are planning for a 2009 release date instead. And just what are those "other things" that are taking up Amy's time? Says a friend: "She has become absolutely obsessed with ironing things. Not just her clothes but also towels, sheets, scarves. Anything really. She's a very obsessive person and has always been addicted to something." So that's bad and good news, I suppose? [SUN / NOW]