‘Be A Nigger Too’ Just Like Nas


You knew it was coming. Nigger's release date has not been officially released, but this won't stop Nas from stirring up the pot to remind us all that the most uncomfortable album title of the year will be coming soon. "Be A Nigger Too" which uses the "Be A Pepper" hook from the Dr. Pepper soda ad campaign features production by Norweigan producers, Stargate. Think that was an uncomfortable recording session? Not to worry since Nas let's everyone know that "[Eminem] is my nigga-wigga-cracker friend" and that he wasn't at all upset that Eminem used the word "nigger" in his rhymes. And just for good measure, Nas also spits that his message is "To all my kike niggas, spic niggas, guniea niggas, chink niggas/ That's right/ Ya'll my niggas, too." Why? Because according to Nas "We all Black within." Is this message new? Surely not. The difference this time around is that, since Nas has always teetered the line between mainstream and underground, he now has the maturity to use his powers for good...and not for Diddy collabos. Know that this song will surely spark tons of debate, but the most important conversations may not take place on Fox News, but within our own homes. 

Nas: "Be A Nigger Too"

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9 Responses

  1. head hurts.

  2. I lasted all of 1 minute and 25 seconds listening to this mess. I'm so disgusted.

  3. he's such a fool...not only can I NOT play this on one of my mixtapes...I can't even play it in the house!!!!
    Must be smoking some of that Harlem finest brought in by Kelis!

  4. Personally, I LOVE it! He jabs everybody and makes us really think about how uses this word gets confused with braggadocio in the conversations of every ethnicity without any thought of the social implications of the people who bore/bear the implied wrath of this mark. Good on you, Nas.

  5. Yo that shit right there is BANGIN!!!!
    Ya'll Niggers need to wake up and look beyond the word and see the light. We are a diverse group of people who been through untold horrors! As we speak, collectively we are still struggling to survive. To this very day, folks can't come to terms with a term to define who they truly are! So for a one group, within a group, to hold fast on a term which they are comfortable calling themselves, Big Up! So is Black a better word to define who we are? A people from the land of Black?! Where we all speak Black? As well as dress in traditional Black attire?
    Black, Colored, African-American, Afro-American, etc....It's all the same my Niggas

  6. This from the same dude who did "IF I Ruled the World" with Lauryn Hill. SMDH.