Bounce Back: Dionne Farris

DionneFarris.jpgToday's Bounce Back artist is none other than Dionne Farris.  In case you can't recall, Dionne was briefly a member of the alternative hip hop group Arrested Development, lending her sprawling vocals to the 1992 single, "Tennessee."  Soon after that, the pint-sized powerhouse from Atlanta, Georgia, went out on her own, exploring her rocker side with 1994's Wild Seed, Wild Flower.  The lead single "I Know" peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.  And of course, the song she might be most remembered for is 1997's "Hopeless" from the Love Jones motion picture soundtrack.

Well, thankfully, after a long hiatus, Dionne is back with a new release, the appropriately entitled Signs of Life, which is available online here.  She's also under new management, being represented by Matthew Knowles (yup, Solange's daddy) after signing to Free and Clear Records.  Her new single, "For U", is a multi-layered, soulful slow jam that fits her voice perfectly.  Check it out below and give us some feedback on today's Bounce Back.

Dionne Farris: "For U"

Dionne Farris [Official][MySpace]

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9 Responses

  1. Now this sista has talent! glad she has come back, hopefully soulbounce will get on her nutz like they did a certain wig wearing, time hating sister, who's name I shall not mention:) I gotta go pull the love jones sound track and take it back for a minute. Welcome back babygirl

  2. I am glad she is returning. A live recording of "food for thought" from her first album was floating around the net, does anybody know where I can get that?

  3. THANK YOU...i love me some Dionne...and this information just made my day!

  4. I'm glad she's coming back!! I like the new track.

  5. Dear God, another great talent going to MusicWorld? I hope Matthew takes care of her. Whatever happened to Sunshine Anderson? and NEXT?

  6. Dear God, another great talent going to MusicWorld? I hope Matthew takes care of her. Whatever happened to Sunshine Anderson? and NEXT?
    Dionne I LOVE! Thanks for this info! I have her cd in rotation in my system. And the Love Jones soundtrack! "Poison" is a favorite cut of mine off her premiere release. 🙂

  7. I like this trick and I'm glad Dionne is back. It has a smoothed out & mellow vibe that suits her.
    I'm surprised she signed w/Matthew Knowles. Seems like an oxymoron.

  8. Blackbird is still a favorite song of mine. I really like the soul that she brings to this song. I recently purchased the single "Stuck in the Middle" off Itunes and was impressed again. I was like wait I know this song- but her voice brings a whole new richness to the rock song.
    cool cool!

  9. I remember absolutely being in love with Dionne Farris in the 90s. It's funny that I am reading this no beacuse I found myself looking through some old CDs and found the old Love Jones Soundtrack with that song "Hopeless." I went on iTunes and found that she put out a new CD called "If Not Love then Truth" and I have been jamming that for the last month or so. She's is pure Dionne, just the way we know and love her. I do recommend her version of "Stuck in the Middle" which is the first track on the CD. Go to iTunes and check it out.