Dawn & Dre Are Back Together! Stop The Presses!

DreDawn.jpgIn case you were like me and minding your own business on a rather non-descript Sunday, you might've missed the news: Dawn Robinson and her ex-husband Dre Allen are back together!


Their history is well-documented, with a reality-show-that-wasn't, and a marriage-that-couldn't. But SoulBouncers, that's all in the past now, as the "ghetto rockstar" and the "funky diva" have decided to give it another try. Below is the "transcript" from the official "announcement" Dre posted on both his and Dawn's MySpace pages. (note: the quotes seemed soooo appropriate.)

Please, try to control yourselves as you read the paragraph below.


am issuing this heartfelt statement to announce that Dawn Robinson
& myself have reconciled our previously damaged marriage & by
the grace of God we are back together & deeper in love than ever.
There have been things said that were exaggerated unfortunately, &
yet there have been lessons learned at the same time. We are all
flawed. Some of us are wise enough to admit it & others not so
much. LOL...but in this case I have to admit that the venom of a
love/hate relationship can make some crazy stuff come out of your
mouth. Like every grown ass couple, we have issues. Ones I hope that we
will be able to inspire people to get past as we hold it together &
try to live by the words that we speak. As for me, I am just a simple
independent recording artists that no one really knows outside of a
small underground fanbase, but I am learning from my mistakes & no
doubt will be making more as life goes on. I won't say that the amount
of mistakes will decrease, but the size of their wounds will NEVER be
dished out against someone who loves me so well & who I love so
deeply. Look for great things from Dawn & Dre in the near


Dre Allen

You know what's bad? The fact that when I first saw the heading, I was hoping it was a statement announcing that Dawn and Dr. Dre had gotten back together to work on some music for Aftermath. Alas, it wasn't that, I'm having a problem caring too much.

Oh yeah, I do wish them the best, though. Cheers. *shrug*

Dawn Robinson [MySpace]

The Dre Allen Project [MySpace]

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8 Responses

  1. I have never understood why everybody made so much over her. I do like her but really! I mean ... I never thought she was any better than the other three chicks in En Vogue. They were all pretty and they all could sing. But for some reason folks act like the group fell apart because she left. Who knows? I have to agree with the above poster though - when two groups kick your ass out, you are the problem.

  2. Lol! I heard/read about all the nasty things he said about her on his myspace back when they were going through their issues. *lol* Lawd..
    Well, I wish them the best.

  3. Dawn has officially become the black Yoko Ono:) she broke up Envogue, she broke up Lucy Pearl, she probably had sumptin to do with Bobby & Whitney's break up:)

  4. Is Dawn considered a "has been" yet?
    Maybe a "could have been".
    Dre is a "never was".
    "Whatevs."© some teen from ONTD
    Glad they worked it out.

  5. My favorite was Cindy.I liked all of them, never knew of her diva attitude as of late.But ehhhhhhhh this Dre, heard about ol' dude.Sometimes people will never learn.

  6. I think they are a beautiful couple.Its great that they are trying tomake it work.I heard they are back talking to VH1 execs. Thats what probably got them togetheragain. They realized they are morepowerful together than apart. Whatever Dre Allen is FYNEAZHELL!! When you leave that chick dre..HOLLA ATCHYA GIRL SHARON!

  7. Hmmmm.
    She had issues with EnVogue AND Lucy Pearl.
    My father used to tell me, "If more than one person says the same thing about you, then it's probably true."


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