Diddy Keeps ‘Presenting’ Janelle Monae; We Keep Trying to Wake Up From This

janelle_monae_metro.jpgLast night in NY Dr. Klaw Diddy, once again, introduced Janelle Monae to some people, but this time, to record industry and media types. You know, those people that are usually about 10 steps behind blogs, the pulse of the culture and what people really want, in general. Anyway, although he recycled the same intro from when he presented her a few months back, what really stood out to me was something Diddy said to Billboard previously (emphasis mine): "We're really breaking [Monae] in the underground so it has that infectious buzz to it. It's the sound of her voice, her approach to records, her energy, her performance -- she's something I've never seen before, I've never seen the package delivered like that." I'm just really side-eyeing the business out of Dids for that statement. We truly wish Janelle success with this partnership (practically drawing our own blood over it), but I would hate for him to reduce all of her hard work, hustle and creativity to the latest trendy Bad Boy foolishness just to take credit. [Billboard]

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13 Responses

  1. I'm just not impressed.This "I Wanna Be Different Too!" just turning me off.I give that she is a pretty girl, but blah, the industry is boring me.

  2. I downloaded The Metropolis from iTunes.
    It honestly doesn't interest me. And I don't care about Cindy Mayweather and her battle against whatever.
    I just feel like saying "Just sing a song, lady. Geez."

  3. STOP HATIN" ON DIDDY! it's ok if you dislike him but truth be told had it not been for for his scandalous ass alot of the music & artists we know & love today may have never been heard! He IS important to black music & he's no worse than Jimmy Iovine & Clive Davis the only thing is he's in the camera more cause he's a media whore, but don't discredit what the man has done for Black Music just because you don't like him. THIS HATIN on ONE ANOTHER HAS TO STOP!

  4. Will the real Kelis please stand up...

  5. Where's my shank?

  6. LOL @ all the diddy stans in this post. I really hope he lets Janelle be Janelle. Anything less would be a waste of time:(

  7. So um...let me get this straight? By supporting unity & trying to stop the hatred amongst one another simply because you may not like someone makes me or anyone else who don't share the self depreciating attitudes in OUR community makes us STANS?!
    That's cool, we're in good company I guess i'm a MLK stan too cause these are the stupid attitudes he marched against!

  8. GOLD STAR COMMENT OF THE YEAR goes to Louis Rich!!!!

  9. Yes Louis Rich, you're a stan. Your comments are peppered with raw passion and utter emotion. But don't get angry though. It's OK. I stan thee hell out of Erykah:) You and all the "diddyites" should unite! I'm not hating, just calling it as I see it. LOL

  10. I LOVE Janelle Monae..have been up on her for the past year.. .She's an acquired taste and most will not be able to appreciate her at all..
    I wish Diddy would keep his claws off of her thou!!


  12. I cried when I heard she signed to BAdBoy

  13. she's weird