Double Vision From Busta Rhymes

After lackluster sales of his last CD, which was a damn good album albeit darker than his usual fare, Busta Rhymes looks to be returning to his old tricks if this new video is any indication. "Don't Touch Me (Throw Water On 'Em)" finds Bussa Bus and his sidekick Spliff Star attached to his hip once again and recreating the look of the his old videos. I expected him to shout "WOO HAH!" and any moment while watching this one.

But wait, that's not all from the good Mr. Rhymes today. He's also hit us over the head with another new video fresh on the net for the song "We Made It." This clip is actually for the first single from Blessed and it features Linkin Park. Peep it after the bounce.

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2 Responses

  1. I checked out both videos on 106 yesterday and I thought that the track with Licoln Park was pretty dope but the second video took me back to the old Busta Rhymes and I enjoyed it.

  2. I saw these videos on, then it linked me here. I loved Busta's last album and this one seems like he's really establishing himself as one of the greatest to ever do it, judging by these two singles.