Erykah Badu’s Pot of ‘Honey’ Continues To Spring Eternal

badu_smoke.jpgI'm not sure what the fascination is with remixing Erykah Badu's "Honey," but producers have been having a field day with it lately. It has been "interesting" to listen to some of the reinterpretations of the first single from Ms. Badu's New Amerykah Part One. This latest remix is courtesy of AEON, a producer hailing from Philadelphia, who has remixed tracks for Amerie and Tanya Morgan, has flipped this beat into something reminiscent of a sound Erykah was cultivating when Baduizm first dropped in 1998. I don't know about y'all, but this track is just dripping with the sexiness and fun of a lazy Saturday afternoon with your crush in the park. I'm also feeling this version more than the original which didn't grow on me until the spectacular video was released. But that's just my opinion. 

By the way, can anyone guess the original sample used for this track? 

Erykah Badu: "Honey (AEON Remix)"

[H/T: 2DB]

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12 Responses

  1. It's obvious our peace treaty is broken:) I'm just saying................:)

  2. Cant front the remix beat is banging, kind of a trip hop feeling to it.. the song sucks though:) I am THIS close to buying the entire SOULBEAT site then closing it down:) just like I did the WALKTAKEN site:) LOL
    Ps. Jenny baby I dont mean no harm:)

  3. Is stoney back in here talking crazy again? SoulBeat? Huh?

  4. Bounce:) my bad I gotta stop drinking at work... Oh shit here comes my boss, I gotta bounce! get it "BOUNCE" if anybody ask I was running a systems check on my firms firewall:) One love. Holla

  5. anyone going to comment on the song itself?
    Just wondering LOL

  6. i'm just messing with u stoney! lol

  7. This sounds like it should've been the original. Love it. I think this version enhances her voice, while the original takes away from it.

  8. I LOVE this. But I loved the original too, although I do admit it was out of place on the album...hence why it was a hidden track.
    Priestess has a point that maybe this should have been the original and then it would have fit in more on the album. I can't commit to that though. I stan for 9th you know.
    As soon as it stopped playing, before I read the post thoroughly, I was asking myself what this is sampling. I know I know it! Somebody put me out of my misery.

  9. @ boogabear:
    Good Job! You obviously got it right. Good lookin' on the link.

  10. The beat playing out at the end is magical....