Guilty Pleasures


With the advent of our Top 100 countdown that will feature some of the best of the best Soul and R&B songs ever, your SoulBounce editors thought that we should also shine a little light on a few questionable songs amongst our favorites. We know that we're not alone in having some suspect guilty pleasures so if anyone else wants to confess their musical digressions, the comments section awaits.

Harlem says:

OK, OK.  Being the newbie on the SoulBounce block, I'm really not trying to be kicked off the editorial staff due to my love of out-of-the-way music. However, I feel this forum is safe enough that I'll get a day-pass and not be banished to the dunce's chair by my SB fam for admitting my love for *sigh* disco. Yup.

Seriously, from the bell bottoms, the cheesy platform shoes, the green-and-red afro picks. I love that stuff. Chic brings me "Good Times." I look forward to each time Cheryl Lynn threatens to "Shake it Up Tonight." I can't help it.

Whew. I feel better now that I've gotten that off my chest. I just hope this doesn't force me off the team. I will now go try and repair my street cred. In the meantime, I dare you to invite me to your next house party. Go on. I'll be the one pulling up with the giant disco ball in my back seat.

nOva says:

There's very few songs I'm afraid to admit I enjoy, especially when it came to the '80s and the '90s because all bets were off. So my pick is more recent; a track that truly induced the side-eye of my familiars. Britney Spears' "Do Somethin'" from her Greatest Hits album. This whole era was just a taste of the madness that was to come, and in the clip below you can see the emergence of that crazy "I eat babies" look in her eyes. Criticize me all you want, but this track does it for me. I'll go to my corner now.

Butta says:

There is no shame in my game when it comes to admitting that absolutely adore "Supermodel" by RuPaul. This is one of those songs that makes me want to put on my FM pumps and walk it out like Naomi Campbell whenever I hear it. And the video is campy fun and with the Amazonian drag queen that is RuPaul strutting around in a blonde wig and acting like Kimora Lee Simmons in all his/her fabulosity. WORK!

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5 Responses

  1. What's so guilty about Cheryl Lynn. I love her, especially 'Star Love' and 'Encore'--classic.

  2. It's cool, I'm a BIG disco fan too. My parents tell me that's how I got here so I gotta show love.
    My guilty pleasure is Bone Thugs N Harmony. Sometimes I need to get gangsta before I go shrink heads.

  3. I just want to start this off with letting you guys know how much I LOVE this site!
    Anyway...I have to admit that I am absolutely addicted to Britney's latest joint. The only reason I listened is because she was everywhere and everyone was (is?) talking about how crazy she was (is?)..I love "Break The Ice" that song thumps so hard..and it''s hypnotic. She may not be the greatest singer...but those beats are no joke.
    Oh..and I like Cheri Dennis and Solange, too. So there you go. My guilty pleasures. Keep up the good wotk, guys!

  4. My guilty pleasure is the group Toto. I love "Africa", "Roseanna" and the group in general.
    Hangs head in shame....

  5. I have many but one of my first guilty pleasures was "Please don't go girl" by the New Kids on the Block. Don't kick me off soulbounce, I was only a kid, but I loved them and I stil love their songs. Eventhough, they jacked New Edition's entire style.