Morning Soul: Meany Meany Meany Meany Meany

4 Responses

  1. Mannnnnn, I love this cut. Say WHAT?!?!? Great choice. Got me going on this miserable day. 🙂

  2. Frow
    Then came another extended cover: Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” done up as a gospel number, sung entirely by a backup singer that we later learned was Ledisi, the fairly obscure R&B stylist who rose to greater fame when she was nominated for a best new artist Grammy this year. Like the song or not, she killed on it.

  3. Yes, I wish I had watched that vid this morning. Might have saved me from going Amy Wino on a couple of folks today.
    Speaking of slapping and headbutting, me thinks this would destroy Musiq in a BOB, no?

  4. On another note, ya'll should head over to You Tube while you can and catch some of Prince's Coachella vids. Plenty of them on there. Those people have no idea in the next few days he's gonna shut em down, shut shut em down!