Name That Beat: Doesn’t Soulja Boy Have Like The Freshest Beats?

dj_kitty_turntables.jpgHappy April Fool's and welcome back to Name That Beat, y'all! As the title of this post shows, we like to have lots of fun over at SoulBounce HQ, but when it comes to the beats, we like to keep it real. Last week, SoulStar kept it really real for the second week in a row by guessing the sample track of "Don't Misunderstand" by Ahmad Jamal sampled by DJ Premier for Jeru the Damaja's "One Day." Major props to you SoulStar, as that was a particularly hard sample to catch.
This week's sample is below. To be correct and win a lifetime supply of free air, your answer must include the following: 

  • The title and artist of the original track below. 
  • The artist and title of the track who sampled it
Good luck!

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11 Responses

  1. Cypress Hill's "16 Men Till There's No Men Left".

  2. David Axelrod - A Divine Image
    used in the above stated
    Cypress Hill - 16 men till There's No men Left
    @ Action Jackson.. Good call just make sure you list it all or you won't get the bragging right and the week's supply of free air

  3. thats artifacts come on with the get down as well!!!

  4. There's one other artist who sampled this song. Anyone care to guess?

  5. Good job, guys. I was stumped.

  6. Several other cats touched this. First one that comes to mind is Kool G. Rap on "Take 'Em To War". Straight loop, no chop.
    Bonus points for the MF Grimm appearance!
    Prolly too grimy for you though, IllMami. 😛

  7. David Axelrod's "A Divine Image

  8. @ Stylus:
    Nothing's ever too grimy for me, especially when it comes to beats! LOL

  9. madlib man madlib quasimoto


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