Name That Beat: So Unique


Welcome back to Name That Beat, y'all! Last week's beat was courtesy of Bob James whose "Sponge" was used on Nas' track "Watch Dem Nigg*z" from his album It Was Written. The correct answer was submitted once again by Soul Star. Many big ups to you, SS. 

This week's beat is below. To be correct, your answer must include:

  • The title and artist(s) name of the sample below
  • The title and artist(s) of the track which used it

By the way, There is more than one answer. Good luck! 

[Photo: D-Nice]

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3 Responses

  1. Oh...
    You a fool for this one. A FOOL I say!!
    Wanna go digging together?
    This joint was used in a song that features two of my most favorite people in hip-hop ever, and they happen to be brothers (hint #1)
    Hint #2 for the kiddies!!
    Hint #3.
    "Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" - © Kool DJ Red Alert

  2. dorothy ashby "cause i need it" from "dorothy's harp"
    pete rock for ini's "fakin' jax" and dilla for que-d's "rock box

  3. Thats a hot beat... can hear many folks samplin it...


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