Old School Rappers Selling Out…In A Good Way


Remember back in the day when MC Hammer was chastised for building his own media empire, complete with a cartoon in his likeness, a Pepsi endorsement, and enough money to employ his entourage that employed half of Oakland? Or remember how Daddy-O from Stetsasonic got all that flack for voicing the Polly-O string cheese-loving parrot? It sure is funny how times change and everybody and their grandmother is trying to start a record label/fashion label to emulate Diddy or Master P. or Jermaine Dupri or any of the handful of artists/producers who have built an empire by branding their plush and rich lifestyle. 

Last night I was watching Miss Rap Supreme which is every bit as sinfully good as I had imagined. It's kind of like The (White) Rapper Show only with much more swearing and unnecessary catfighting. As I was bigging up Yo-Yo for remaining in the game on a positive tip for almost 20 years, I not only saw Kid from Kid 'n Play in a new show entitled Celebra Cadabra about celebrity has-beens who compete in the world of magic, but I heard MC Lyte's voice in a Tide commercial! It seems hard to believe, but could it be that advertising and network execs are thinking outside of the box? A little bit, but not enough as they should to realize that the new crop of people with spending power (read: those who provide money to the "spending generation" of 13 to 18-year-olds) include us old school hip hop heads? 

Feel old yet?

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  1. I've always said Lyte had one of the best and most distinguishable voices in the industry. Glad to see that she is finding other ways to capitalize on that. Don't forget Queen Latifah has done the same thing with the Pizza and Cover Girl commercials