Pete Rock Delivers ‘NY’s Finest’ Beats

PeteRocksmall.jpgIt's been two months since super producer Pete Rock released his first album in years -- NY's Finest -- debuting on the Billboard Top 200, selling over 3,000 units during its first week. Now, on the heels of those very modest sales comes word that a companion instrumental version of the album will be available on May 13th on Brooklyn's Nature Sounds Records.

For a sampling of what to expect on the 13th, check out his specialized MySpace page dedicated to beats, appropriately called Petestrumentals.  [H/T: HHDX]

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1 Response

  1. 3000 CD's a sucess? WTF are you smoking! three thousand? I bought the album and it's ok not his best work but K-Fed did better numbers then this the first week. This was a absolute failure.