Side-Eye Alert: Brandy is Second to Ray-J Now?

What better way to start the morning than with a little good-natured ribbing aimed at our friends at Black Voices? We keep a good eye on our linking partners at SBHQ, so imagine my reaction when I saw this headline over at BV Buzz:


Color me verklempt or just old and overly-nostalgic. We are truly living in the end-times if Brandy is being referred to as Ray-J's sister. See, this ain't no Michael/Janet type of thing. No matter how independent and popular Janet became, somewhere in our collective subconscious, Michael always came first. No matter what. And she never did a sextape (that we know of). Upon further exploration the headline is qualified with the following:

Once ostracized and written off as just, 'Brandy's
little brother,' Ray J's popularity usurped his sister's when he sold a
personal sex tape with his former girlfriend, socialite Kim Kardashian
to Vivid Entertainment. The scandalous pornography ironically earned
the former child preacher legitimacy among industry types and consumers
alike, having people now refer to Brandy as: "Ray J's older sister."

curious to know exactly who these youngins are that are using such foul
language. In fairness, Jawn seems to have a fine sense of irony and
snark, so the infraction is justified. Whether intentional or unintentional, he gives us this opening
line in the post:

Singer Brandy Norwood is back in the driver's seat and is hoping her
new record deal will have her speeding to the top of the charts.

Intentional. Oh Jawn, you know you wrong for that.

Bouncing Back: Ray J's Sister Brandy Lands A New Record Deal [BV]

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2 Responses

  1. Nova, are you still pulling April Fool's day jokes?

  2. That gets the CRAZY side eye! LOL


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