Who Do You Want To ‘Find A Way’ With? A Tribe Called Quest Or Dwele?


The past two Battle of the Beats have produced some lopsided results, and the fun continues again this week with A Tribe Called Quest squaring off against Dwele with their identically-titled songs, "Find A Way." It's not right, but it's OK.

Tribe's "Find A Way" came from their 1998 album, The Love Movement, which sadly turned out to be their last together as a group.  Although the disc as a whole wasn't as good as their previous work, "Find A Way" was one of the better songs on there and can still get bodies moving when the needle hits the record.

Whereas ATCQ's "Find A Way" came at the end of their recording career, Dwele's song came at the beginning of his. "Find A Way" was one of the singles from his tight debut album, Subject. Another dance floor groover, this Dwele cut helped to put him on the map and his talent has kept him there.

So, who's going to win in this hip-hop and soul battle, folks?

A Tribe Called Quest: "Find A Way"

Dwele: "Find A Way"

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17 Responses

  1. You know what? This one's tougher than I thought it would be.
    My heart says Tribe, but if my head nod is any indicator, Dwele kinda got this one.
    One time for the new kid on the block! Dwele.

  2. Tribe.
    Not a fan of Dwele. The musical equivalent of a sedative.

  3. TCQ! Dwele is too safe for me.

  4. Tribe.
    Game. Set. Match.

  5. ATCQ
    I do like that Dwele joint, though.

  6. A Tribe Called Questlove. Anyway, Dwele G is great.

  7. I have to go with Tribe on this one but that Dwele is fiyah too!

  8. Tribe!!! Hands Down. Next time for Dwele

  9. Whatever, Butta! You tryna get shanked!

  10. I'm down with Tribe but I gotta go with Dwele on this one

  11. Tough call. Tribe gets the nod, though. It's spent more time in play than Dwele's. Hot though.

  12. Musical equivalent of a sedative? LMAO! Nice one. I don't like to act a fool alone.
    Tribe of course. "Teasin me like Tisha did Martin." No contest. This song will FOREVER be the ISH.
    Sorry, Dwells.

  13. Ok, look now, there ain't gon be too much Dwele-bashin up in here. I DO have administrative rights and will SHUT THIS BLOG DOWN.

  14. I love Dwele!! i'm gonna go with ATCQ hands down !!!

  15. Please, mom. Don't stop this car.
    I have Dwele's CD. It's cool music.
    He's good for some times, ya know.
    I just don't run across that time too often.
    ...Or ever.

  16. its hard man they are both classic joints I give it up to both of them

  17. Dammit Butta...
    This is how e-fights get started, but since you gotta a brutha in a corna once again, I'm going to give this one to A Tribe Called Dwele! 🙂
    Nah, Mr. Gardner gets the nod because that's my dude from my hometown!